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    Re: Soft plastic modifications- or ditch it?

    Not sure at the moment Chris, out of respect i didn't ask that question.

    But i reckon we can figure out our own ways of using them, the soft plastics have been named and photographed for us on this thread, so i reckon it's up to us to get out tinkering if we want. Experimenting with different applications.

    Or we could use them standard out of the pack. Some mystery is good, not all spoon feeding.

    I reckon you and Trev would have been using the plastics well on the last trip etc so you have probably got a few things sorted out there. I reckon everyone else can go grab some, use their own methods and thoughts and maybe come up with better ideas.

    You never, never know if you never give it a go.

    Cheers Lyndon.

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    Re: Soft plastic modifications- or ditch it?

    No dramas Lyndon - yeh a bit of toying going on ..... However as we know , what worked today at Mondy might not in 6 weeks time or at another dam ...... so adding a few other new options ....... Lets see how they go in fickle waters like Awoonga & Faust

    Give a man a fish & he will eat for a day !
    Teach him how to fish
    & he will sit in a boat - & drink beer all day!

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    Re: Soft plastic modifications- or ditch it?

    Yep fishing in fickle waters is exactly my point, the soft plastics listed haved been doing well in all the dams listed, even when big environmental changes sweep through for several days, so i reckon the testing is done there.

    Barra being hooked and landed with these proven soft plastics in these conditions proves they are on to something. I reckon someone will win a competition on tour using them.

    I also predict companies with tail faults will fix them and release a new product.
    After 3 straight models being released with faults i reckon all will be fixed in the future and the eager barra fisho will have more great products to purchase and use in confidence straight out of the pack, a pretty good year coming up i think, for all of us to enjoy.

    Many of the tips used to fix the problems will be known from internet threads like this (Johnny Mitchells), no denying that because if the manufacturers knew the faults they wouldn't have released 3 seperate models with the same problem.

    Anyway it's all good for us who enjoy barra fishing, more lollies to buy in the future if they are good, from any brand.

    If not, people will just import fantastic gear from the USA.

    Cheers Lyndon

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