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Thread: new species

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    Re: new species

    Yes Nigel the Evans park would mean pretty much all of the significant close reef off Evans all the way down to Woody head would have heavy restrictions.

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    Re: new species

    Nice one mate .... Geat pics of ya's as well
    I would have had some ffom the weekend but my daughter said it was too cold for here . Need to get her a wetsuit
    CALL SIGN : JT OR SC552(social club member)

    There is a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot

    I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges

    Up here we Use Hussar as baits for real RED FISHS (SHSIIFDER)

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    Re: new species

    Great pics, mate! Vis looks great. Roughly what area were you diving...SEQ, CQ, NQ? And yeah, it's a joke regarding the Grey Nurse science! Great pics.


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    Re: new species

    Good pics.

    Where did yiou buy the Camo dive suit and how much did it cost as I'm after one myself.

    Cheers, Peter

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    Re: new species

    diving all off moreton and stradi

    camo suits come in around $300-$400 from adrenaline spearfishing supplies.

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    Re: new species

    Thanks Kokomo. What species of ever see tigers?


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    Re: new species

    seen them all pretty much except for whites..

    bulls tigers whalers refies nurse hammer-heads.

    some of my buddies have seen a few whites off byron, and one of moreton..

    pretty awesome seeing sharks, I have never left a dive site because of a shark. they go their way and I go my way!

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    Re: new species

    we get a run of small (6-8 foot) whites down here every spring, they are like scud missiles. you gotta remember that a 6 foot long man with metre long fins and 1.3m gun would look quiet imposing to the average silver bullet. seen most varieties over the years (no tigers though, only shark fishing), seen more surfing then diving. the only ones that worry me are the ones you come across at point blank in the white wash, their move and mine can never be predicted in that startled situation.

    Having said that, my preferred way to go is to have my head bitten off by a big white on my 100th birthday while receiving oral relief by a girl one third my age.

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    Re: new species

    Chopper Taylor,

    You speak my language but half of 100 would suffice

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    Re: new species

    Quote Originally Posted by kokomo View Post
    diving all off moreton and stradi

    camo suits come in around $300-$400 from adrenaline spearfishing supplies.

    G'day kokomo,

    Mate, I should have brought one when I had the chance. I was a member of AUF then, could have got one for $150 (about 15 years ago). I use to play underwater hockey (Octopush) at Chandler. My lungs are not as good as they used to be.


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