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    Smile Old fly gear wanted

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Luke Tree and I am a first year teacher in a small country town called Miriam Vale. I have proposed that as a school we run an extra curricular activity of fly fishing for students. Unfortunately we do not have the funding to cover the gear needed. As an avid fly fisher I have the tools so that students can design and create their own flies. Although I only have a single fly rod and reel that they can practice their casting skills with and depending on the turn out that may be a problem. Is there anyone that has any old fly rods and reel that I could have so we can get this program up and running?

    Kind Regards Luke

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    Re: Old fly gear wanted

    Hey Luke, when do you need this stuff, what do you need, how many of each, details man details


    no promises, but might be able to help
    There are 10 types of people in this world
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    Re: Old fly gear wanted

    I know that Miami High School on the Gold Coast engage the South East QLD Fly Fishers to teach the kids exactly what you are asking, It is part of there "Marine studies "
    If your after a study model, Id be contacting the Miami HS principal and go from there.
    What Fly club do you have in your area?
    They may be able to supply the expertise. Gear will need to be donated by community or school funds.
    Your on a good thing and I hope you can pull it off.
    Well done.
    Keep us informed.

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    Re: Old fly gear wanted

    Hey Luke, I build rods (ususally bamboo but as this is a good cause I'll make an exception) and can source blanks and parts at VERY good prices If you are interested, and I would be prepared to build say 5-10 rods in the 4 wt range for free on the understanding
    1. you pay cost of items only
    2. rods are used for stated purpose and not offered for sale

    There are 10 types of people in this world
    "those that understand binary and those that don't"

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    Re: Old fly gear wanted

    Onya Walldog

    That's the kind of community spirit that you see all through this forum, people freely sharing their knowledge and abilities.



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    Re: Old fly gear wanted

    Keep us in the loop. You never know what I might find in me travels....

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    Re: Old fly gear wanted

    Ok Luke, here is the breakdown of what I've been able to come up with.

    5 X 6'6" 2 piece 4wt Sevier Tiger Eye Rods, with rod sock and PVC tube

    UL3 reel seats
    Flor grade 'Ahern' grip
    Fuji Stripping Guide
    Walldog snake guides
    Wrapped in School colours with school name on each rod
    School Name on Tube
    Total Cost

    $250 + postage (at cost)

    If you decide to go this way, you may wish to make the creation of the rods a school project, ie:

    1 - design of grip shape (I custom shape the grips and can provide you with templates for students to vote on)
    2 - trim wrap design

    I am sure you will have some ideas, maybe the students could make the socks and /or rod tubes as a side project (a local plumbing supplier4 may be willing to donate the pvc pipe, caps and glue, i can still provide signage)

    Just some ideas


    There are 10 types of people in this world
    "those that understand binary and those that don't"

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