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    Re: 83/200 or 50/200 Transducer

    I replaced the lowrance 83/200 with a P66 and it was waaay better, but it all became irrelevant when i went back to furuno set up

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    Re: 83/200 or 50/200 Transducer

    Quote Originally Posted by malby View Post

    Have you tried setting it to 'unknown' and running it in 83khz to pick up bait schools etc as described in the other post I put back up? Glad to hear you are happy with it as I got mine for $110 second hand to replace my broken P66 cable/Tranny and was just told the other day by a Simrad guy at the Brissy boat show I'd be better off with the standard 83/200 one in under 100 metres. He was very concerned about the lack of 'beam width' when set on 200 khz in water under 80 meters as he said its way too small to see any schools etc. Ps. My P66 was very good as I could mark schools and the bottom at speed. Was very happy with it.
    Your Simrad guy is a muppet. Sure there is more coverage but much over 25 metres the definition falls away. I ran both when I ran/sold Lowrance. Ultimately the 20 degree transducer came off the boat. Even in 30 metres the cone angle was wide enough to create the situation where you could see fish and structure but were far enough off it to not be catching anything. Much over 60 metres you are almost better off with a facemask and snorkel. Stick with the narrow beam 50/200 and go fishing.

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