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    finally got a dive in

    headed out today dived quite a few spots around moreton from hutchies smiths shallow tempest vis was 15-20 @ hutchies.. saw plenty of fish. very big spanish and a good selection of reefies.. vis was poor the further south we went at 5-10 at shallow tempest

    got a few decent photos and good feed of king parrot and crays

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    Re: finally got a dive in


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    Re: finally got a dive in

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    Re: finally got a dive in

    Green with envy mate!
    Fantastic work, love that vis, that school of macs is awesome!
    Cheers and thanks for sharing.
    Conditions have been shite in my neck of the woods for literally months!

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    Re: finally got a dive in

    Got out for another dive on Sunday.
    millpond all day.
    dived off moreton and saw lots and lots of stuff.. got hassled by a large bronzie, saw grey nurses ( at the clowns that believe they are endangered) large rays,
    Got a call from the boat 'hey guys some whales are coming... before I could turn the camera on this mother and calf were under us and were in their turbulence awesome...
    saw lots of king's.. caught a modest one of around 15+kg or so
    couple of crays
    again saw 2 large Spanish which remained out of range...
    vis was awesome.. 20m almost everywhere

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    Re: finally got a dive in

    That bait ball at the end was in the shallows.. Spent about 10mins with them but never saw what was chasing them...

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    Re: finally got a dive in

    I just read your thread with the pics in it..... Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing.

    Hope you plan to keep adding to it.

    cheers fnq
    from another thread...

    yeah no problem as long as people enjoy reading about it!

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    Re: finally got a dive in

    I guarantee you I'm enjoying it kokomo!
    Diving by proxy I call it..............thanks for that!
    Those big eagles are a buzz to see, nice king also!
    Man I envy you those conditions and that vis is beautiful!

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    Re: finally got a dive in

    Awesome stuff Kokomo. Whats the diving like at Shag and Boat rock? You seem to know the area.

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    Re: finally got a dive in

    spent heaps of time around shag rock and 'the group' generally i fish there when the weather is not perfect as my round trip run from manly is 80miles round the cape or only 40 in much more sheltered to stradi..

    stradi is great.. have seen almost every fish species there, snapper king's cobia mackrel wahoo dolphinfish tuna parrot trout etc etc...

    as a generaly rule.. you dont see nothing unless you put your head under and those locations are very very popular dive sites because they are close and have such a diverse amount of fish life on them.

    Latley i have been trying to get away from the well worn tracks and trying to find new ground in deeper water's... its hard to get dive buddies that can dive deep enough and enjoy the challenge though

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    Re: finally got a dive in

    there is one rule when your diving... you dont see nothing if your not under water...

    got this pb floating around the blue water today....

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    Re: finally got a dive in

    Nice dolfin kokomo, good shot too by the looks!

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    Re: finally got a dive in

    Well done mate ....some good uw pics & a few nice feeds as well !!!!!

    What general area have u seen the spanish cruising ..??
    Are the crays hard to come by ...deep ..??


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