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    Who claims the fish?

    I was on my Father in law boat on holidays,fishing & diving from Bowen.While fishing I had baited my hook threw in water,minute later daughter's line get's tangled so i asked wife to hold mine while I helped daughter.Wouldn't believe it wife brought up a bloody big coral trout & claims it as her catch.
    What's the go?

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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    "everyone's a winner baby, that's the truth"!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    your wife was holding the rod, your wife landed the fish, YOUR WIFE CAUGHT IT !!
    Personally I'd be happy for my wife if it was me.........

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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    That all depends on how long you want to be married

    Its the details, those little details, that make the difference.

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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    Well its a test of character isn't it? As long as you got to eat some of it who really gives a sh!t

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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    It's the angler who lands the fish, not the rod and reel.. Therefore your wife caught it and can claim it as her catch, after all, you didn't catch it.

    Toughen up princess

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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    Bollocks. My Boat, My Fish!

    No, in reality, it's the Angler. Anyone can put the bait down there, but it takes skill to get the fish up. By doing nothing, you did just that! It's her fish, through and through.


    Carbon Really Ain't Pollution.

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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    Gee's it's not rocket science....The little lady had the rod in her hand landed the's her fish....if your smart you will agree with her if you know what I mean.....Get my drift
    Good Mates....Good Food.....Good Fishing....Priceless

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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    what he said, about being smart.Dont go there
    David ( LOL)

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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    as as a bit more info.....

    if she baited one and cast out and you picked it up, hook and landed a fish.....

    thats hers too..... if youre smart

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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    Now go tell your wife she is classed as bait..... this is why i figure you are married so you caught her, than used her to catch your trout therfore she is only bait......

    Let me know how this works for you.........

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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    My wife caught the only fish tonight... I baited it, cast it and hooked it but she did the reeling in and landing.. Therefore, her fish.


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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    Easy, If the wife is involved it is always her fish.

    Any other time:

    My rod, you reel it in - my fish
    Your rod, I reel it in - my fish
    The Phantom

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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    If you argue the point too much she may never touch your rod again and you wont get any fish at all

    you know i'm right

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    Re: Who claims the fish?

    i'd explain to her that for it truly to be "her" fish, she'd also have to clean it, cook it, wash the dishes and muck out the boat...

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