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Thread: my formula 233

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    Re: my formula 233

    what sort of top speed would it have 60knots?
    560c Bar Crusher "Overtime"

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    Re: my formula 233

    i think realistically with the 225s it will see 50 knts at wot,if it does 24knt under 3000 rpm il be happy.if im happy with this boat il put 300 optis on it pretty quickly,the reason i got the 225s was for the dts,it was too expensive to buy all the dts components and put them on a 300.this way il convert the 225s to standard shift and adapt the dts to the bet it gets near 60 knt with the 300s and better fuel economy than the 225s,time will tell .atm il just be happy when its on the water.6 weeks is the plan

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    Re: my formula 233

    looking very nice, i hope you never actually add all of these extra's up !!!!

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    Re: my formula 233

    opti that is an amazing fitout job you are doing. pure class and obviously you are loving it. i can't wait to see the on water pics. thanks for sharing this great project.

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    Re: my formula 233

    getting there opti! been a long time coming....

    how do these drum type winches go at self leveling the rope? havn't used one myself?

    What props are you gonna try first? I reckon a couple of Brovo 1's or maybe tempest +'s. 21-23 pitch?

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    Re: my formula 233

    im going to start with 21p rev 4's and go from there.
    the winches self level quite well ,hope fully i have enough distance from the winch to hose pipe,might need a little fine tuning,have to wait and see.
    yeah nearly 4 years,been along time with out a boat [that goes]

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    Re: my formula 233

    Rev 4 hey. Yer you will get the some good bite, thats for sure, will give good transom lift too.

    That was my next question with the winch. Anyways im sure you'll get it sorted.

    God damn that first trip is gonna be sweet!!!

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    Re: my formula 233

    Quote Originally Posted by julian1 View Post
    looking very nice, i hope you never actually add all of these extra's up !!!!
    I hope for your sake that the boss never adds them up either.

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    Re: my formula 233

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarrah Jack View Post
    I hope for your sake that the boss never adds them up either.
    apart from the cost of the teak ,she has been happy with everything thankfully my wife is a keener fisho than me ,to me it just finishes off the boat and makes it better to use ,i look at all the nice 40ft+ game boats that ive been on ,and they all have the teak floor good rod holders etc and it just makes a great boat better.
    the difference with this boat to my previous boats is that i havnt borrowed money for it ,instead ive just waited till ive had it so its going to be no stress if work goes quiet etc..
    just waiting on the mail man atm ,my new steering wheel turned up this week ,while the dollars is so good i bought a edson stainless with power knob,the BLA tiwanese copy just wasnt doing it for me.
    and that hole in the dash above it is about to get a whole lot bigger

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    Re: my formula 233

    Such a beautiful boat opti, can't wait to see it finished.

    You will surely have to install mercmonitor for those motors?

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    Re: my formula 233

    i have vessel view if thats what you mean?

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    Re: my formula 233

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    Re: my formula 233

    bugger me ,youve cost me another grand i actually havnt seen that guage before,i was going to have a look at the mercury accesory book and see whats available i have a bit of dash space for guages next to the vessel view ,i just didnt want to double up on guages as the vessel view is pretty comprhensive,but that merc moniter looks pretty cool,il check it out,thanks

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    Re: my formula 233

    Might be worth selling the vessel view to pay for the merc monitor, it's pretty much redundant when you compare the two.

    Also worth noting, on some sounders/plotters you can use 'overlays' which enables displaying speed/fuel/range etc etc at the bottom of your normal navigation or sounding screens, A very handy feature IMO.

    For your beast you need the multi engine kit (USD$956) and a network starter kit which is roughly $75 from memory.

    I'll let you know how it works when I finally get my boat back in a couple of weeks!

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    Re: my formula 233

    Opti I notice you've got a cat in your avatar but you've gone to a mono hull for this venture. Some of the cat boys say you never go back to mono. I'm interested to know why you've gone with the 233 which I think is a superb hull BTW..

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