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Thread: my formula 233

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    Re: my formula 233

    Nice job mate, it will all be worth it in the end.

    Haines, or even better Eden 233, the only trailer boat I would ever own.


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    Re: my formula 233

    Wonderful reading experience there OPTI its funny but I guessed at the start that you would be putting one or two opti's on the back.

    There can come a point in time when a boat can become more an expression of our quest for perfection than a lot else.

    Very well done and I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out it.

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    Re: my formula 233

    thanks for the comments guys ,means a lot.still heaps to do,but after the stainless work at the end of the month ,and i have the boat back home il start fitting the electronics etc,im keeping the furuno 1100l sounder[still the best fishfinder] and im going raymarine wide screen plotter [15 inch] with hd radar and auto pilot.then its the teak floor ,and hopefully mid year il import a pair of 225 optis from the us and an aluminium trailer.
    its amazing how long it takes to get all the little things ,still waiting for the custom switch panel from the states which i ordered last year and a couple of billet bits.anyway im patient its been 2 years now.

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    Re: my formula 233

    I'm picking up some great ideas from this thread mate.

    What have you decided to do with the canopy? Hardtop?

    I want to get a custom canopy for my Seaswirl along the lines of the Cruiscraft with the slide out canopy extensions but I can't find someone to do this work with the right quality/finish.


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    Re: my formula 233

    paul at black marlin towers on the goldcoast is doing my top [any week now ]his work is the best ive seen.

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    Re: my formula 233

    We Need More Photos

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    Re: my formula 233

    still waiting on black marlin for the t top ,im gettin mates rates and he knows im in no hurry as i dont have the money together for engines yet,and work is real slow atm,so slowly slowly been into the wiring getting the dash sorted,takes ages soldering everthing etc trying to make it look neat,im going overkill on everything ,in case you havnt noticed yet,lol.
    as to the question someone asked as to how this could owe me 100k without engines,the hull was 60 k bare with my extras.
    trimming so far 3k,
    stress free winck 3k
    trim tabs 2.5k
    furuno 1100l sounder 4k
    1and 2 kw tranducers 2k
    bow rail 1.1k
    hand rail 600.
    live well pump 600
    engine pre rig kits ,dts 3k
    wiring and all electrical accessories so far 5 k
    steering system 5k
    game chair 4k
    rod holders 1k
    stainless gunnel 1k
    vessel view system 1k
    those down lights in the cabin were 100 each ,i didnt actually check the price till after i ordered them ,6 for the cabin ,they have a blue mood light mode feature,sure hope it works on the wife or im really goin to be pissed
    not counting labor for install and making dash and side pocket etc,starts adding up real quick and theres stuff ive forgotten about along the way ,not to worry im patient and i know it will turn out a great rig.but the cost can sure get away easy

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    Re: my formula 233

    i really hate plastic so i got this switch panel custom made by dana marine ,laser engraved etc,gives the dash that old skool look and military rocker switches which are easily replaced if need be ,it took 4 months to arrive from ordering but worth the wait.

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    Re: my formula 233

    Dave I hope you never sell her, you would only ever want to do all this once I recon.

    She sure looks good!
    Garry Ask us for an unbelievable Price on a new Honda

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    Re: my formula 233

    yeah im hearing you garry ,its hard justifying it when i see all these bigger flasher imports,im setting this up as my last boat unless my numbers come up,so the plan is its become part of the family so to speak ,you know once youve got an edencraft etc !!!!!!!!!!!! you never let it go

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    Re: my formula 233

    Mate, I have an old Haines V19C and the only upgrade for me will be a 233 (apart from a 23 ft Sharkcat!)..... Love the old school Haines. Ok Ok, it might not be an official Haines Hunter, but its the only thing thats better than the real thing!

    Keep the pics coming.....

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    Re: my formula 233

    cock pit photos ,padded comings in ,tackle lockers fitted,i designed the transom to fit these tackle lockers ,however i dont think any other owner has fitted them dont look at the floor im going to have it teak layed last of all.

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    Re: my formula 233

    tested the led lights today ,im really impressed with these puppys

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    Re: my formula 233

    bit of an update for those interested,i finally got the boat down to black marlin towers ,he made up the t top this week.its anodised aluminium so light and strong ,he made the main arch with 60 mm tube to support my radar [30 kg],rod holders are billet 130 lb will also have a 1meter slide out extension when finished.
    im changing the bow rail to 38 mm and split front with reef pick holder,stainless steel wave breaker for the screen,im sheeting the dive door in stainless also to make it imune to damage,and custom gaff holders etc.
    teak by design are doing the floor and rear deck later this month when black marlin are finished ,then get the trimmer to finish the t top with black sumbrella and vibac clears.
    getting closer nearly ready to order engines ,so hopefully il get it wet soon.

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    Re: my formula 233

    She sure is looking good!

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