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    Wanted: Flytying materials

    hey guys
    just gettign into tying
    i got a vice and tools but just need some materials
    im only 15
    so if someone could help out in the way of hackles,fur,hair,hreads and the like
    that would be greatly appreciated
    cheers hodzy

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    Re: Wanted: Flytying materials

    Save those pennies, hodzy the gear doesnt come cheap and most of the guys wont have too much to spare, good luck !!

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    Re: Wanted: Flytying materials

    What type of flies do you want to tie? For trout, barra. what?

    A lot of materials you can collect yourself.
    If you know anyone who has chooks, you can cut some hackles from them.
    You can dye white chook feathers whatever colours you want.
    You can get wool pretty easily from old jumpers or the like.
    You will find dead animals and birds of various kinds on the road from time to time and you can get a few feathers/ fur from them.
    Tinsel, silk/cotton/nylon thread and so on is easy to get from craft or sewing shops.
    Have a think and a look around for what you want.
    Anything you can't collect, you'll have to buy.

    I've been making my own flies for trout fishing for years and all of the above is what I use and they all catch fish.


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    Re: Wanted: Flytying materials

    I agree with GES, get out their & source your own, soft toys are also good as they come in all different colors

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    Re: Wanted: Flytying materials

    Hi in regards to fly tying materials, I have all ways found fly fisherman to be a resourceful lot. And as the lads say, it is all around you just take a walk along the tide line at the beach. Up hear in North Queensland we have a store called spot light, and they sell ever kind of feather,fur and fluff, along with beads cottons and flash, all at low prices compared to fishing shops. I am shore you will have the same where you live. hope this can help you.

    regards Michael.

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