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    Calling All Mares X-Vision mask owners

    Has anyone had this problem before?

    A two year old mares X-vision mask. There are four clips around the perimeter of each lens. These clips hold the lens frame in place. Six of the eight are cracking, allowing water to get in.
    Looking at the cost of the equipment, I was under the impression Mares was quality gear.

    Appreciate any info.


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    Re: Calling All Mares X-Vision mask owners

    I had exactly the same problem and they wouldn,t even send it away for warranty. I just got some acidic cure silicone and glued the glass into place. Mares can stick thier masks up thier arse.

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    Re: Calling All Mares X-Vision mask owners

    I'm with you fellas......
    I was talked into an X vision and basically whilst it looks great had a lfew dramas from the matter how much toothpaste I used it would always fog up (never seen this happen before on a mask) on every dive. The final straw was the leak just like yours. I was in Fiji on my first dive of the trip...down to about 10m and water starts p*ssing in. Lucky I had a spare (Apollo). The Mares is only 2.5 years old and hasnt had much use...and I really look after my gear (always in its carrying case) etc etc
    My old Apollo is still going strong after more than 400 dives and 25 years..only thing you can notice is that the silicone is a bit yellowing.....

    Never again Mares...

    cheers, Mike

    How did the silicone go? I wouldnt want it to let go at 40m

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    Re: Calling All Mares X-Vision mask owners

    I gave the mask away to a mate but it still doesn,t leak and that was about a year ago. He only dives to about 7-8 meters.

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    Re: Calling All Mares X-Vision mask owners

    This is very frustrating, because I am short sighted & purchased prescription lenses for the X-vision. Now I learn they are junk. Not happy Jan.....

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    Re: Calling All Mares X-Vision mask owners

    Seriously I have a well used 20-25 year old TUSA that still works as it should, silicone is a bit off colour is all. I would shove that mares back where it belongs...thanks for he heads up, it helps greatly to sidestep the blind walk into future dramas.

    cheers fnq

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    Re: Calling All Mares X-Vision mask owners

    I actually need to get another mask as I always like to have 2 (for my Fiji type experience)......
    Not sure what to get...wish I could get another Aplooa, daggy as it looks has never let me down. I am mainly scuba so dont need a hard core freediving mask with ultra low volume. Any suggestions?

    cheers, Mike

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    Re: Calling All Mares X-Vision mask owners

    My Tusa has been great the 10 or so years I've owned it. When i give it a clean it comes up like new still. Done about 40 odd dives with it and countless freediving expeditions

    I think it's a Splendive. Just have to find a model that fits your face though..


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    Re: Calling All Mares X-Vision mask owners

    i got a pair of mairs not to shore what model the are i shall go check now!!!

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    Re: Calling All Mares X-Vision mask owners

    I use to have an old US Divers mask, similar to Cousteau. Never leaked and never fogged after spitting or the odd run over with toothpaste.

    Rubber perished eventually. The prices have gone up but the quality and workmanship has gone down.

    The more popular something becomes, the more expensive it is.


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