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Thread: Bass Flies?

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    Bass Flies?

    Hi again everyone,

    As many of you know, I have been looking for the right fly rod and reel for trout down here in Melbourne... I have a Custom 6wt Fly Rod now and a Redington SVII 5/6 Fly Reel on its way (Spooled with Sinking Line).

    Now, I have been told this will be fine to use on Bass at Cania Dam when I come up there for a month to fish "Cania, Mondy and Awoonga" over Jul-Aug. Is this the case?

    Also, I have NO FLIES and from what I see from the half dozen shops iv been to, they dont sell bass flies and I know for a fact im not good at making them. What do I do?

    If anyone could let me know afew answers and solutions that would be great!
    Cheers, Bandit

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    Re: Bass Flies?

    Bass Vampires etc would be good. Jump on the MO tackle website. They have a good range of flies to choose from for chasin bass etc.
    I'm sure all the keener fly fishos may be more helpful.

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    Re: Bass Flies?

    you could also check out some of the tackle stores up that way when you get there, they should hold a range of flies suitable for there local waters, if not MO tackle to do online orders as colo77 sugested, another option as your in the melbourne area is to check out the specialized fly fishing stores, and or either of the complete anglers around melbourne and suburbs. Or you could contact the guys up at the Goulburn Fly Fishing center at Thornton on the Goulburn river.

    WRT your new rod and reel, the 7 weight should be fine, but i wouldn't limit your self to just the sinking line, if you can get a spare spool for the reel do so and get a floating line for it. as you may find you want to throw a few surface flies from time to time too. ie poppers, sliders and darlbergs etc

    there are also sections on a few fly fishing clubs sites that have suggested flies for bass etc also check out Fitzy's web site located through the Freshwater section of this web site, loads of info on the area your going to as well.



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    Re: Bass Flies?

    Thanks Guys.

    I will get onto Mo's tomorrow (I know the boys there well).

    I was going to get a floating line on a spare spool... but I just cant affored it, So I went with my gut and what I thought would possibly get more fish.

    Also, fly colours?

    Thanks for the replies.
    Cheers, Bandit

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    Re: Bass Flies?

    Hi Barrabandit,
    If you are passing through Brisbane on your way to Cania stop in at Fishhead at victoria point. They carry a great range of stock for bass and toga.
    July/August will see the bass school up in the deeper water so your sinking line and a good sounder should put you in the money. The bass vamps in olive, dark green, purple and black work a treat. I don't go over board with hook size on bass vamps. Gamakatsu B10S #4's go well. Even if you can grab a budget price floater I do so. Gurglers cast to the edges and tweeked back slowly will produce great early morning and late arvo surface action. While were on the subject of surface action, Cania is regarded highly for Toga. They take gurglers like pigs take strawberrys.
    Fly rods were made to bend!

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    Re: Bass Flies?

    I have been to Cania afew times... just havent fished fly, so I know how to fish there and whats caught there.

    Does anyone have any spare bass flies they could chuck in the post for me? (Please dont flame me for this, was just asking).

    I cant affored the spare spool with floating line. I am bring up my T-Curve and Twinpower, along with another 5rods for bass and 4rods for barra so I will need to use poppers for topwater.

    Thanks guys!
    Cheers, Bandit

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    Re: Bass Flies?

    You don't need a spare spool for your floating line mate ,just have a big loop in your backing where you attach to your fly line( Big enough to pass your reel through) Takes about 5mins to change over. Ben

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    Re: Bass Flies?

    Thanks for that, will keep it in mind... time to go order the floating line.
    Cheers, Bandit

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    Re: Bass Flies?

    g'day mate, I know it's a bit late but here's a site to check out called Have got a great range.

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    Re: Bass Flies?

    Hi Bandit I see from your post you are using a sinking fly line, I do not know if you are referring to a fast sink or a slower intermediate line,If it is a fast sink you will find it hard to back cast as you have to get so much of it clear of the water first. a little trick I use is to find the point in the fly line that lets you lift from the water and tie on a small woolen marker, when you see that marker come to the surface you are reedy to go in to you back cast, hope this little trick helps when you are using the sinking fly line.

    regards michael.

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