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    Mako spear heads.

    Anyone use these, and if so how do you rate them?
    Saw one on a mates speargun which was aptly named the 'Bazooka!' which he uses for jew.

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    Re: Mako spear heads.

    Hardened Tricut Mako Head

    Hardened double barb Tricut Mako head with 6mm Thread + 7mm or 8mm (5/16) Adaptor

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    Re: Mako spear heads.

    yeah its a weapon!

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    Re: Mako spear heads.

    Personally I prefer the Hawaiian or Tahitiian single-flopper set-up, preferably with a Rob Allen flopper.
    Not only 'faster' in the water, but causes less entry and exit damage to the fish.

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    Re: Mako spear heads.

    I strongly agree with the above mat don't bother with the double if concerned go with the realese tip they use for big palegics.

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    Re: Mako spear heads.

    good on the jew too

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    Re: Mako spear heads.

    I agree with Nigelr

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    Re: Mako spear heads.

    Mate, I have a Bazooka Type II made by Undersee based in Sydney many years ago.

    Twin rubbers, I have not used it for close to 5 years, rubbers are stuffed but can get new ones about $45.00 each, unless there are cheaper ones.

    I'll photograph my spearheads and post them here in the next day or so.


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    Re: Mako spear heads.

    Make your own rubbers bondy, easy as and cost you half that amount.

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    Re: Mako spear heads.

    Thanks nigeir,

    Sounds like too much work to make my own.

    I'll upload my pics by end of this week.


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    Re: Mako spear heads.

    Sorry people, I had a few setbacks with my camera but will be taking a photo of my speargun (Bazooka) made by Undersee (twin rubbers) and spearheads.

    They will be taken in the next day or two and uploaded the next day. (Sunday 27th September 09) at the latest.

    Cheers, Peter

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    Re: Mako spear heads.

    When I find the spearheads I'll post them.

    I had to resize these as this website won't allow large images.

    My apologies if they look crappy due to resizing.


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