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    dunmore trout waters

    hi all im off to dunmore trout waters after afew trout, has any one fished here before or recently and could you give me some tips or help...going for first trout on fly hopeing.....please help..cheers brett

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    Re: dunmore trout waters

    cmon guys someone would have fished here,its well known place

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    Re: dunmore trout waters

    well i went and would highly recomend it to any one,was way to windy for the wand but spun up some nice fish with my young fella.cheers brett [ATTACH]sum[/ATTACH]

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    Re: dunmore trout waters

    Well done Brett
    I have had trips to New Zealand that weren't as good as that.
    Not to get technical...... but according to Chemistry, ALCOHOL IS A SOLUTION

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    Re: dunmore trout waters

    thanks dave, the young fella got his first trout,was great weekend[ATTACH]sum[/ATTACH]

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    Re: dunmore trout waters

    nice trout Brett,

    looks like a good little spot
    well done to the young fella too



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