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    lures for tailor

    Hi all,

    I did a bit of a search for info on tailor lures. Read some interesting posts dating back to around this time last year.

    I was wondering what the most popular metal lures would be for spinning for tailor in the surf.

    Anyone out there got some favourites?

    Brands that stood out in my search included:

    Halco Twisters (silver)
    Lazer lures (blue & white)
    Prickly Petes
    Gillies Pillies
    Slider lures - they had a good write up but not sure if they're still available

    The weight range seems to be between the 40g - 70g sizes.

    Does the above list sum it all up, or are there other suggestions??

    I don't own any metal lures at present as my current collection is mostly HBs for barra n bass.

    I hope to get a decent cross section of maybe a dozen or so (tried & tested) metal spinning lures, aimed towards tailor.

    All suggestions and/or advice welcome...
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    Re: lures for tailor

    Mate when it comes to lures for Tailor or any other fish for that matter ,there is a gazillion on the market.The list you have made up is good for what is out there so now all you have to do is pick one or two and give them a go.The size will matter depending on the size of the bait that's being fed on. The rob and type line you use will also be a factor aswell. For me I use a 40 gm Knight Raider as I can cast it better and for longer than a 65gm one. Now you have to pick a colour, yes it can make a difference if the fish are a bit shy and not on the chew.

    How this helps and not make it more confusing. If it dose then just go and buy any lures that take your eye and try them


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    Re: lures for tailor

    Hi mate,
    Hols just around the corner hey. I have had success and on most of the lures you have mentioned. Sliders i havent used but have used a similar setup that a mates dad makes and they work a treat. You can make your own using a barrel sinker or long bean sinker and they will work. Never heard of prickly petes. My favourites are Sniper 60gm, Gillies baitfish 40 & 60gm, Raider 40 & 65gm, Halco 40 & 55gm or the best of all because they are cheap are the ones i make myself with a mold i got from Barlows Tackle in the US because they end costing stuff all. Others that are very good are the River 2 Sea and Maria slugs but they are too dear. They will hit just about anything. I prefer white, blue, green, pink and plain old silver. The lead slugs i use when i am on a ledge or similar and wont knock the paint off them, if on a wall or some where that the lure is going to bash into rocks on the way back in i use the chrome lures.

    I pretty much only used Halco poppers in 110 and 130, blue and silver or the white red colours. For hard bodies the best by a long shot for me is Yo Zuri Crystal mag minnow but they are dear as poison and hard to find in Aus. I like HBs that dive from 1' to about 5' and are about 140mm long. Hardest thing though is to find them with a decent weight to get them out a bit. Reidy's have a good b52 model.

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    Re: lures for tailor

    I use Raider 65gms most of the time but like the 40gm and 60gm R2S Sea Rocks as they cast like a bullet. Tailor are normally not too fussy and the main thing is being able to reach the fish.
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    Re: lures for tailor

    Thanks chasps,

    I'll get a selection based on what you guys reckon plus whatever tickles my fancy from what's displayed at the tackle shop.

    Deepfried, I was interested that you mentioned using some HB lures. Since I have loads of them I'm sure there must be a few worth a try - as long as I can get a decent cast happening.

    There are a few I have that are quite bright & shiny & glittery & compact (eg some reflective Yo Zuris plus others) that might work.

    I'll be casting direct from the beach into the surf and was wondering if HBs would be worth a try and how they'd pull through the waves & wash.

    I thought maybe their action would be messed around & they'd end up being dragged in belly up and turning circles.

    Nothing ventured nothing gained I spose so I'll give 'em a burl.
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    Re: lures for tailor

    I really like HBs in certain conditions. 3 of my 4 biggest Tailor have fallen to HBs. As for fishing with them from the beach i dont think you will get out into the gutter unless it is right at your feet. I would normally use them from walls and rocky headlands at last light and into the night. The other time i like them is when the water is a bit dirty as the slower retrieve and rattle makes it a bit easier for the Tailor to home in onto them. You should have a few barra lures that work well. I look for lenghts up to 14cm or so and like them a bit heavier ( around 25gm + ) for getting out past the strike zone so i can retrieve through it. Some times distance isnt important if the fish are holding at your feet which happens a lot around here. The best colours i have found have been blues and whites to match pillies and grey / white, the more reflective the better. The Yo zuri i use are awesome and out fish everything else i have used. I got mine from Hawaii Fishing Lures but they are now available in Aust if you ask your local to order them in. They are about $35 though.
    I use a few retrieves depending on contitions and how they are feeding. If they are shy i will crank them in fast with a lot of big twitches and short pauses. As i get close to the rocks i slow up a bit and twitch the lure a lot more until i have to pull it out, basicaly trying to make as much noise and action as possible to the rocks and leaving it there to get get hit. In dirty water i will use a slow retrieve with a lot of smaller twitches, if that doesnt work i will make the twiches bigger. If they are feeding well a slow retrieve all the way to the rocks works. They often like to hit lures on a pause or just after even metals and poppers. With metals if i get a hit or two that dont hook up during a retrieve i will let the lure drop for a couple of seconds and they will often hit it as it is falling, basicaly imitating how they prey on bait fish. They knock the tail of and then turn to finish the fish. I am sure you would have a few that that would suit, you just need to find the right areas and conditions to use them.

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    Re: lures for tailor

    fyi, here are a couple of links relating to the topic:



    (Hmmm, looks like the links are buggered...they were just Yutubes anyway)

    One thing I noticed was the variation in rod & reel size. Another video I saw was a bloke spinning for Aussie salmon using metal lures. He was using a pip squeak eggbeater reel and a flimsy rod. He was only catching fish at around the 1kg mark from a shallow looking surf gutter close in.

    If rod size is flexible I think I'll also have a 6' baitcast rod option on standby with my TE Conquest 300. That should cast a slug a mile depending on the conditions.
    Worth a try... it might be good for the lighter metals.
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    Re: lures for tailor

    I will hopefully know more today on a batch of Sliders - 40g, 45g and 55g that are well overdue. I do have some 65g.

    There's no doubt that metals with attached hooks do drop a lot of tailor and particularly the larger fish. Dropping tailor (particularly greenbacks) when they're in the gutter, spooks the rest of the school and can, and usually does stop a hot bite in its tracks - especially in calm condns. Releasing tailor after capture or dropping the fish once past the shore break doesn't spook the school. But while they're in the gutter, great care should be taken.
    Allowing the weight of the lure to detach from the hooks when the fish leaps and headshakes, removes the leverage that the fish has with attached hook lures, to throw hooks. The barrel sinker painted white works a treat.
    Metals that have a lead content such as Sliders and Prickly Petes which are lead and white metal, cast further and are less prone to excessive bounce when retrieving on the surface at high speed in choppy condns. However, lighter lures such as Raiders which are stainless, can be advantageous in calmer conditions when surface disturbance is desired and onshore breezes not too strong.
    Always replace trebles on all metals when spinning for tailor with opposite facing single hooks appropriate for lure size - 3/0s on 35g lures to 5/0s or 6/0s on 85g lures. Large hooks on small lures restricts casting distance and small hooks on large lures reduces hook - up ratio.

    There's a heap of info on tailor spinning in the archives - a thread 'Spinning for tailor' started by MJC 85 was prob the most detailed.


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    Re: lures for tailor

    Raiders for me, Size depends on what their chasing.Like the greens or blues.

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    Re: lures for tailor

    Sliders in 40, 45 and 55 gram will be available in 2 -3 weeks. I can take orders via pm or email


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    Re: lures for tailor

    I have to say my favourite of all time are the Halco Twisty's 40, 55, & 70gm. Two weeks ago on Fraser I out fished my best mate and 3 randoms 18 Tailor to 0 within 2 hours. I was the only person using the Halco Twisty's in Silver. My best mate was using the Raiders. I hooked up a few using the Laser lures over the four day stay but definately the stand out were the Halco Twisty's.

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    Re: lures for tailor

    I've not been successful on lures for tailor as yet but was thinking of attaching stingers to them.


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    Re: lures for tailor

    I've not been successful on lures for tailor as yet but was thinking of attaching stingers to them.
    Hey bondy,
    Stingers really help in holding a fish but cut down on distance. Sliders post above mentions double singles, they really work well too and you dont loose a lot of distance. I use a stinger most times, i think they just pip double singles in fish holding but only just but double are a lot easier to remove. I use a 4/0 or 5/0 gama siwash (spp ?) on another split ring attached the treble split ring. The siwash is a salt water fly hook and they are awesome but dear.

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    Re: lures for tailor

    Quote Originally Posted by bondy99 View Post
    I've not been successful on lures for tailor as yet but was thinking of attaching stingers to them.


    Don't even think about it. If you are talking about the stingers used on deepwater jigs then I tried one on a 65gm Raider as a way of holding bigger Tailor. It just wound itself around the leader and was a pain in the butt
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    Re: lures for tailor

    If you are talking about the stingers used on deepwater jigs then I tried one on a 65gm Raider as a way of holding bigger Tailor. It just wound itself around the leader and was a pain in the butt
    Hey Horse,
    What you tried with assist hooks can be done but i dont think its worth it for tailor. You can hold the assist hook onto the metal with one or two wraps of leccy tape down near th bottom of the lure, this way it is held to the lure during casting but brakes away during hookup. You also need a longer leader on the assist hook so it hangs behind the lure. Would be a pain though i think. I think what bondy is talking about is a single hanging behind the treble, well i hope so anyway.

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