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    Re: What's your spearfishing technique?

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    Hey nick, feel free to give us the yarn on that pic, mate!
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    Hi Nigel,

    That is my best mate Luke. He lives at the Gold Coast and has dived all around Australia and N.Z.

    That lad is a freak; he is only 22 years old and has been diving since he was a kid.

    He speared a nice Jewie only to have a 10 foot Bronzy snaffle it from under him. Not my idea of fun, but I try to tag along whenever I get the chance (big sharks around and I am in the boat though)

    He has no fear what so ever of the water. He often dives off the Swains and Bunker group and has some amazing captures. He is not all egos and has passed up shots on many trophy fish whilst being in awe or their presence.

    He will shoot a big 'cuda or something similar and then sit mid water (approx 20 meters deep) and start cubing it up for burley. He gets 30kg Trout come up the burley trail wondering where the free feed is coming from. He truly is a freak of nature when it comes to his ability to dive. He regularly dives the bottom in 70 + feet of water. His biggest fish to date was speared when he was just 18 years old, a 45.5 kilo Yellow Tail King from N.Z. I will organise a few pics and hopefully some video footage and post it up as he is not a member.

    Some of the fish he has speared is incredible. He also has some incredible footage of monster Hammerheads and schools of Bronzies over 10 feet long swimming around him.

    The stories and footage he has is inspiring, he speared a Spanish that went 28 kilos (I have the head taxidermied on my wall) only to have a much bigger Spanish around 30 kilos smashed off his spear by two monster GT's within a few seconds all that was left was the head.

    Enough of a rant from me,

    I will get some more photos as you know the speak a thousand words...........


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    Re: What's your spearfishing technique?

    Great story Nick, thanks for that!

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    Re: What's your spearfishing technique?

    This is some good youtube footage from W.A. This shows the burley technique.



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