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Thread: Surat fishing

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    Surat fishing

    Hi all just trying to gather some info on the freshwater scene at Surat .
    Can I fish from a boat?
    What lures do I need ?
    Is it worth going this time of year?


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    Re: Surat fishing

    You can camp right on the Balonne River next to the bridge at Surat for free. There is a boat ramp there and fishing from either boat or shore will be fine. I think you'll have more success bait fishing as the water doesn't clear anymore like it used to years ago. Fishing during the winter months is good and is the best time for big cod.

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    Re: Surat fishing

    G'day MORFIN, as reel blue said with camping at Surat ,there is a boat ramp at the bridge for larger boats . water to dirty for lures hasn't cleared for about 10 years now, the weir has been running over and the yellowbelly have been going off they are slowing down a little now if you have a small boat you can drag it up and down the bank from most reserves i can PM you if you would like more detail.

    cheers rossco

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    Re: Surat fishing

    Thanks reel blue & rossco , shame about the lures as I dont know how to soak a bait anymore .

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    Re: Surat fishing

    anyone know whats it been like past few months out there?

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    Re: Surat fishing

    Interesting reading those 2009 posts about the river no longer clearing up. We had a great thread on that called The Milky Condamine. But thankfully we are seeing this whole system returned to its former glory since the big cleansing floods.
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