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    Re: Mangrove Jack Or Red Bass?

    I'm glad you're an LBG addict LBG, you'd be dangerous in a boat!
    Crazy statements mate, good luck to ya!

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    Re: Mangrove Jack Or Red Bass?

    Quote Originally Posted by samson View Post
    I don't know where you get some of your veiws LBG but i wouldn't be noting yourself as experienced by saying your involved with fisheries most guy's in that sector know far less than 90% of suppliers in regards to identifying fish cut and uncut and to say pro's are cheating quota regulay is a load of crock, shit if i miss count by one i'm stuffed and to say guy's taking SBT cheat quota is bullshit all pro's except those with commonwealth licences aren't even allowed one fish and those that can get policed to the point where they have to have fisheries observers on every trip in some areas, give yourself an uppercut bud and pull ya head in.
    I get my views from studying data from credible sources, not here say or speculation. I've got nothing against pro fishing, most of the guys i fish wish are ex pros. I'm currently doing a case study on the misrepresentation of SBT in catch logs, based on CSIRO and AMFA data, the fact is there are pros, particularly offshore vessels which falsify information in regard to size estimates and catch quotas. Fin and trunk a Big Eye a Yellowfin and a SBT then try to tell the difference.

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    Re: Mangrove Jack Or Red Bass?

    From my years of mixed rec and commercial experience, I'd suggest LBG has some very valid points. From a flat footed stance, it may seem off track, but when ya stand on ya tippy toes, you'll see a lot more than meets the eye. Sometimes, contrary information is often the correct information.
    Johnny Mitchell

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