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Thread: deep water bass

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    deep water bass

    Here is a question for the bass fly fisho, What is the best leader system for deep water bass{fast sinking line in 20-40 foot of water} I'm using a 12 pound twisted leader at the moment. Don't get me wrong- works well, just alot off work to twist one up

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    Re: deep water bass

    Works for me! You can go a normal tapered leader just use FC.

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    Re: deep water bass

    Does the normal leader effect the way the fly lays down, have tried in the back yard but test results were not the same as a twisted leader

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    Re: deep water bass

    Does it matter how it lays down?

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    Re: deep water bass

    I haven't been deep fly for bass for a few year now, but when I was, I used a Scientifc anglers wetcell 5. Sinks at about 6 inches a second. For the leader, I used about 9 foot of triple tapered hand twisted leader out of 6lb fluro. The sections I used were 4' single, 3' double and 2' doubled double (if that makes sense). It laid out quite well, but as said above, who cares if it doesn't lay out properly. Your shoting 100' line out in the middle of the dam, not chasing trout in a stream. I have caught somerset bass to 52cm on the above and as yet have only broken off on underwater logs and rocks.

    HTH, Brad

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    Re: deep water bass

    Thanks for that, I allready use a twisted fc leader, just wanted to know if there was a easy leader system out there[ Mainly refering to making of the leader system] as it take me for ever to make a twisted leader.

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    Re: deep water bass

    Best way we found to make leaders was to tie one end to something then using a drill twist away. You can make them up quite quickly. Still takes a couple of minutes per one. I will even tie them up in the boat if I have to. It isn't that hard.

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