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    Stanage bay

    Had a few days up at stanage bay last weekend. Busted a spring on the boat trailer on the dirt road in and had to limp into town on three wheels for the last 20km . Anyway, once on the water we did some exploring around the islands and found a few nice spots.. but it was hard to find any decent visibility with the huge tidal movements in the area, and that was on neap tides!! We still pulled some nice trout, a few big parrot, a few cod (that seemed to come out of nowhere and try and steal speared fish) and a nice grass sweetlip. Saw a few firsts like juvenile red emporer, chimaman fish and coral sea bream. Was surprised by the lack of sharks with only 1 small reefy seen. Probably wouldnt go back for a spearing only trip but wouldnt mind line fishing the area seriously.

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    Re: Stanage bay

    Nice feed there Clint, awesome boat too!
    Thanks for the post and pics, beaut cod there mate.

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    Re: Stanage bay

    Nice trip for ya mate but you'd be right it's a great fishing area .
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    I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges

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    Re: Stanage bay

    sounds like a great trip how was the ramp and the road in How far out did u guys travel ??

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    Re: Stanage bay

    what islands did you fish
    did you make it to high peak or the percies?

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    Re: Stanage bay

    Yeah that cod's a cracker. Are they hard to shoot?

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    Re: Stanage bay

    That shade cloth is the way to go. 100 km of dirt road will test anyones trailer. Nice to see you got a few good fish for a feed. Did you venture out very far like the Percy Group or just stay within the first few small islands


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    Re: Stanage bay

    Badone- the cod were pretty easy to shoot because they were in mid water trying to steal fish that had been shot by the other guys. Havent done enough spearfishing to know if they are normally hard to get close to.

    We had a bit of a look around the percy group and it was definitely a case of the further out the better the visibility. Would have loved to get to high peak island and Jeffry's rocks but had limited time.

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    Re: Stanage bay

    Jeffry's rock is great for fishing, so spearing should be even better. Me and a mate have caught some stonka cod at the percy's so there is definately fish there...but gotta pick you time wisely! Me and the miss's are going to go end of this year for another look.

    Great post and pics mate...unlucky about the trailer!

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