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Thread: which gun?????

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    which gun?????

    hey guys i have been using a hand spear for about 1 month and i wanna give a gun a go i just wanna no which gun and gear is good for a begginer i dont really wanna spend to much money

    Any pointers would be good

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    Re: which gun?????

    Look for a second hand gun in good condition.
    You won't need a monster gun, something about 1.0 -1.3 metres long.
    A wooden Undersee or Sea Hornet within this size range would be a good start.
    Really depends how much money you have to spend, check out Ebay, hock shops, 2nd hand stores etc etc. Try and get someone who knows something about spearguns to go with you when you buy it.
    Cheers and good luck.

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    Re: which gun?????

    tbh i would never advise anyone to buy anything thats worth less than $350... if you dont have a rail gun i think you will be set up for dissapointment..

    I have seen it quite a few times my mates with low spec guns shoot the fish of their life only for it to bounce off with no power..

    rail gun is a must.. if your shore diving then i suggest s 1m RA Edge Rabbitech.. if your boat diving with decent vis then get a 1.2 RA EDGE Rabbitech

    With this in mind you will never be let down... you can shoot some very big fish with a 1m gun


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    Re: which gun?????

    not too sure the type of gun has much to do with power, that is the rubbers domain! BUT that said a good gun is a joy to use, but you will need to cough up big dollars, there has been a lot of good fish taken on the "budget" end, like the Sea Hornets and the like.

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    Re: which gun?????

    the problem with a 'budget' gun is when you put larger rubbers on it for more power, they flex and accuracy goes out of the window... the trigger mech lets go and guns just fire off..

    plus they rust up very quickly...

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    Re: which gun?????

    the trigger can be a tad dodgey if you are going way up in power, but most will be OK with double rubbers, or a single good one.

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    Re: which gun?????

    Are the French Champion brand still around?

    I have one of these, a double rubber unit, but need new rubbers for it. Hasnt been used for a few years, maybe I need to get back into it.

    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: which gun?????

    you really need to consider what you will using the gun for. popping bream, nigger, drummer and the like around headlands and rocks is a whole different kettle of fish to shooting bar mackerel or wahoo in 80 foot viz blue water.

    i would suggest that you get a 1 to 1.2m rail gun and this will be good for the school fish but also give you that grunt you need for a jew you might find holed up in the wash.

    once you get more proficient and if you get into blue water diving you should get yourself at least a 1.4m timber Kes gun.

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    Re: which gun?????

    Quote Originally Posted by kokomo View Post
    ... if you dont have a rail gun i think you will be set up for dissapointment..

    I have seen it quite a few times my mates with low spec guns shoot the fish of their life only for it to bounce off with no power..

    Maybe they need to get closer to their prey .... Don't believe all the hype. Some young people forget that spearfishing is an old sport and people 50 years ago were hitting good size fish with simple home made guns. Believe it or not there was a time when rail guns didn't exist and yes - rail guns are good and you can hit things from much further away but they aren't essential to hit big fish. I use to often get mackerel with my seahornet that had double rubbers. I do now however own Riffe guns which are fantastic but my big gun only shoots further because it has 3 rubbers.

    I'll have to get some photos of some guns a mate of mine uses down at Straddie. He has guns that are 40 years old and they look like crap. He however is one of the best spearos I've seen and continually plugs big wahoo, dolphin fish and jew. It is the way he dives that is the secret - got to learn a few tricks after 45 years of diving in his back yard of Straddie

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