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    Unhappy help with spearing

    Hey guys i was just wondering about my ears when when i dive down. i only started about 1 month ago and what can i do for my ears do they get used to or do i have to get some stuff for my ears

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    Re: help with spearing

    Each side of your noggin there is a valve/flap of skin, that you use to equalise internal ear with external ear, it needs to be trained to work well, whenever the thought hits during the day, hold your nose and gently pressurise your ears, can do it 5 times in a row if you like every hour or whatever suits. After training for a few days it will be a snap to do it underwater.

    At times of Colds or sinus etc it's a waster of time training it.

    I tried a month back to get them all limber again, sent me dizzy instead....the joys of getting older and fatter will get back to it again soon.

    cheers fnq

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    Re: help with spearing

    Is it just your ears or do you get a tightness on your forehead (like your mask is too tight)??

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    Re: help with spearing

    it just my ears

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    Re: help with spearing

    If your a complete noob (no offense ) then you might be talking about pressure in general.

    hold you nose lightly.. even at your desk at work and GENTLY try to blow out your nose. you should hear you ears 'click' or crack a bit.. this is the equalization

    as you dive down you have to do this every 2m or so...

    key with equalization is do it frequently early and often.. dont wait for the pressure to build up before you squeeze... do it early frequently and often and you should have no problems!

    After many years of diving i can dive to 20 m by equalizing by just moving my jaw... its a very nice feature and im very grateful

    deeper dives require a nose squeeze

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    Re: help with spearing

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