I have been mulling this over for a while, but isn't it a shame that a big place like Brisbane doesn't have a proper fly fishing club?

There are plenty of great venues available, and plenty of topics and guests to invite as well, so why the stagnation???

So here's the plan. I have set up a gmail account - brisbaneffc@g mail.com (remove the space between g and mail) - could everyone interested send through an email also mentioning what level of involvement they are interested in? That way it will be easier to keep everyone informed of the developments.

Also, a few of us will be meeting at the Dendy Portside bar at 6pm Tuesday 19th May just before the film festival night to start discussions. We will also have some pamphlets to hand out. At last year's film festival 100 people turned up, and even more are coming this year, so there are plenty of fly fishers out there.

I have also made a pdf of the pamphlet for the enterprising amongst us to print out and distribute. The pamphlet can be downloaded from here: