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    Gar Flys

    Hey flyo's. Having a resurgence in interest in the fly fishing and tying lately. I have tied a couple of crude gar immitations which do work but want a bulkier fly with more action. Anyone got any or know of any good patterns?

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    Re: Gar Flys

    C'mon, Somebody must have something different to these. Ben

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    Re: Gar Flys

    Hey Blooey,
    Here are a couple I have come across, if you want details on how to tie them give me a pm !!
    ps yours dont look to bad mate !!

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    Re: Gar Flys

    Thanks hooknose will do. They look awesome.

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    Re: Gar Flys

    Tied up a couple thisarv with the info you gave me. ta. Ben

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    Re: Gar Flys

    Shit hot Blooey !!

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    Re: Gar Flys

    they look great, i hope they work for ya's
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: Gar Flys

    Hi Blooey I know this is abit late, only just joined up. I fish a small dam a few miles south of here, and that dam is full of Bass with a stable diet of gar fish. Hear is a pic of the fly's I use on them after the sun comes up and they go down deep. The fly is made from soft poler fiber (comes in many colors and lengths/Bye it at spotlight stores )add a bit of flash and a red stick on eyes and that is about it.this fly has lots of action and cast well on a 6w - 8w rod with intermediate line and a 2.5m Fluorocarbon leader around 2 kg.
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