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    The North-West - A place I love!

    Well, I leave you all with these pics before flying over east at 12 30am for a job opportunity that I am absolutely stoked about.

    Anyway, a bunch of us headed up the coast Sunday for a bit of a dive at a couple of well known (to us anyway) locations. The first spot produced a few good baldies, a couple of parrot fish and a flathead but seen dozens of other quality species. We had the privilege of swimming with a few of the locals (sharks that is) including a couple of manta rays with a few cobia hanging off them which was pretty cool – a first for me. On this day we probably covered barely 3-400m in the water so it gives you an idea on just how well preserved our coastline really is.

    The boys were a bit photo shy so no individual shots – nothing really special to shoot anyway. Fish of the day went to Ben with an estimated 4-5kg baldie.

    We then headed south to a spot which has always produced crays in the past and this time it didn’t disappoint with the boys bagging 14 in total, all of respectable size.

    Enjoyable and humorous are two words I would use to some up the day and it was great to have filled the esky with some fresh meat which is always a bonus.

    Well hope you’ve enjoyed the pics and this little read. I will definitely try to stay in touch.

    Take care and tight lines to everyone.

    "holy sh!t, did you see that?"

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    Re: The North-West - A place I love!

    Very beautiful photos, with the best thing being that there is no one else in the shots except your two mates. How could you leave that? Just become a Kevin Rudd sponsored fisho. All the best to ya!

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    Re: The North-West - A place I love!

    Thanks for sharing Damo, the place looks like a dream come true!
    Agree with mull dog, no-one else there but you and your mates, awesome, just like turning back the clock 50 years!

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    Re: The North-West - A place I love!

    Some top diving mate!
    Love that shot of the crays, the bottom right one looks a fair size!

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    Re: The North-West - A place I love!

    Thanks for sharing - Must be hard to leave that, although I'm sure you'll be back

    Good luck with the new job, nothing like a new adventure!


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    Re: The North-West - A place I love!

    Onya Damo, always enjoyed your reports, safe travels, enjoy the adventure.


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