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    If money was no object what fins would you purchase for deep boat dives.

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    Absolutely cannot beat Oceanic V12's IMHO, hands down.

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    Re: Fins

    spearing or scuba

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    Re: Fins


    any suggestions

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    Re: Fins

    my mate has DiveR's and swears by them. at $400 plus they should motor you around by themselves.

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    I'm not sure about spearing but for scuba I use a pair of 1970's scubapro jets that i got of ebay. Best fins I have ever had.

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    Re: Fins

    Don't buy anything else except Diver Rs. Way better than Picasso, Fisher, Omer,Esclapez,Technisub etc. They last forever and push you through the water like no other. Spend $480 once now rather than $300 every 2 or three years to replace the other brands as they wear out. I have had my DiverRs for over 5years now spearing about three trips/month.. They retail for about $350 for the blades and the foot pockets are about $130( for Picasso). I have no commercial interest in these fins , they are just a great product.

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    diver Rs. Picasso or Omer footpockets , depends on your foot shape.

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    I have tried the medium dive-r fins and they are good. My gara 3000 felt like they had more thrust but take more out of you. I wouldnt mind tryind the hard fins. Ray did a couple of courses in gladstone and sold a few. Most of the blokes that tried them raved about them and are on their way to purchase some.

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    If you are diving out of a boat, buy the hard version.

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    i currently use Riffe fins, they go well and feel super comfy.

    previously i had Esclapez, and although they felt great the fins would crack after a short period of use. my dive mate went through 3 sets in as many years, diving a couple of times a months.

    blue water diving your fins should last a long time, but diving shallow water for crays puts your fins across rocks and knocks them about a bit.

    ideally you could have a set of DiveR's for spearing and a cheaper set for chasing crays.

    i Dived South Solitary yesterday with about 60 foot of viz. saw nothing but 1000's of fusaliers, some big black cod and a few rat kings. good water but no bar macks or decent kings to speak of. also trolled livies around on the downrigger waiting for the sun to come up. same result - nought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chopper Taylor View Post
    ... previously i had Esclapez, and although they felt great the fins would crack after a short period of use.
    My first set of Esclapez lasted me about three years with at least one dive a week. My next pair didn't last a year. They always felt comfortable though. My Riffe pair aren't as comfortable but I'd love to try a set of Diver R - all that own them rave about them.

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