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    courtesy on the dams

    Hey all!
    Went for a fish yesterday at Monduran Dam. Arrived in the dark and launched the boat. Chugged up to the back of the dam trying to get to a spot in mind as early as possable.
    500 meters from my spot i slow up turn the motor off and flip down the electric to finish the Journey with a bit of stealth.... Lets face it the barra havent been leaping onto the lures one after another so every measure of stealth counts!

    Ok im there! things are looking awsome! well worth getting out of bed at 3.30am!!
    line up for a cast and i hear... bang bang bang raaaaahhhhhhh bang bang bang!
    A boat is coming... hope they see me and either slow down or mover away a bit!!

    Yup they are looking at me.....and heading for me too!!

    Raaaahhhhhhhhh bang bang 40 feet from me at around 18 knts

    Then i played a game called ballance on the cast deck and as the waves left me they began crashing the shoreline and snags i had been dreaming about peppering with lures all night! Well was i mad!! They had the hide to wave as well!! They gave me a filthy look when i didnt return the wave

    But then it gets even worse!! they pull up 60 feet ahead of my drift!! yup they stated on the petrol motor right into the snags!

    Then all i could hear for 20 mins was the 3 guys talking aloud, banging and clanging in the boat. I Gave up and moived on.... My throttle must have slipped forward as i left though.... Hope they got the message!!

    A dam that size.... 25 mins run from the ramp and after that noise and waves they fish in cast range!!!! AGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

    thats my winge!!
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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    Yes mate,some people just don't get it.
    I have had many a productive spot ambushed by the "blowfly"effect.

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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    Yes mate you have every right to swamp those bastards

    Most of my Money is spent on Booze and Fishin.
    The Rest is just Wasted!
    To The Shed.............

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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    Do yourself a favour next time and drive over to them and ask how they are going, with your motor in neutral and give it a few revs. Have a chat for 5 mins and see what they do.

    Also nice to have some chain on your boat, especially if its a tin boat and rattle it around on the deck. Lovley sound that is

    Remmeber do unto other as they have done to you



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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    i dont think they got it even in the end! When i turned there spot to noise and waves they gave me a filthy as if too say how dare you! amazing stuff!!

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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    Two wrongs dont make a right LeeLee!
    To do that would be to stoop to that level of waht is usually fishing incompetence, and become the very thing that you are angry me but that makes no sense.
    Reminds me of when I was with aguide on Awoonga and a boat motored over to us, get this, idled right around behind us over where we were casting and the bloke asked, How to you get to the Boyne Arm?..I was shocked and JM just gave them directions and away they shot. We had a laugh at the complete ignorance and moved on to other country, laughing how those blokes were probably telling each other how helpful we were!

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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    the reason i sped off was partly anger but in hope they think "oh poo maybe thats why the guy didnt smile wave?" "better give some space next time".....i doubt it though!

    I forgot the final part!!

    They followed me for 2 hours!!! yup ewven after i sped off within 15 mins they were 100ft behind me! for 2 hours i heard there loud talk and noise, ill put money down they caught nothing all day!

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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    Quote Originally Posted by flatzie View Post
    Two wrongs dont make a right LeeLee!
    To do that would be to stoop to that level of waht is usually fishing incompetence, and become the very thing that you are angry me but that makes no sense.
    It's not supposed to make sense. I don't beleive its incompetence. I beleive its just plain stupidity

    No matter what form of fishing you do, dropping in on someone is just being plain rude, intentional or not.

    If someone feels waranted to return the courtesy they were shown, well I have no problems with that at all.

    If you dish it out have have to learn to take it.



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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    I suppose you could always go over and offer some friendly advise.

    "you know blokes you will never catch anything making all that noise, you have to be quite to catch these things" and see what response you get.

    Although they were probably drunken yobbos it could be just young boof heads who have never been told to SHUT THE F'UP AND KEEP CLEAR!

    In the nicest possible way.

    Most of my Money is spent on Booze and Fishin.
    The Rest is just Wasted!
    To The Shed.............

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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    I would have asked them if they had been fishing for long, and if they wanted to know how to improve their catch, you could help them. If they said yes, we want help, I would have explained to them EXACTLY the issue.

    Indeed even if they didn't want help, I would have told them. There are many useful words in this situation...

    The only way people learn is by being told. LOUD!


    Carbon Really Ain't Pollution.

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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    It's always going to be a problem Rob......Most people try to do the right thing.....there's always going to be a small percentage of mentally challenged moron's unfortunatedly.....The beauty of Monduran is you can always go elsewhere.....In your case these guys were like a fart in a phone box
    Good Mates....Good Food.....Good Fishing....Priceless

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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    I would have told them the errors of their ways in terms which would leave no room for misinterpretation.
    Idiots don't know they're idiots unless they're told they're idiots.

    Hey Timi...what exactly would you have said
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    Don't forget Rob that these are probably the type of blokes who spelled their names wrong on their SIP applications. You can't expect too much from them.
    They live in a different world. It's a happy place where nothing really matters.
    Unfortunately some of them have somehow also managed to get their boat license, and just getting to the same place on the dam as you without overturning their boat would have been a cause for celebration...thats why they were being so loud and happy !!!

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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    I think LGM summed it up best - after all they do say that ignorance is bliss

    I've tried both the WTF were you thinking approach (method 1), and also have tried the count to 10, be polite and offer subtle advice in the hope it might sink in (method 2).

    Method 1 I'm fairly sure will gaurantee no result, other than blowing off a little steam.

    Hopefully at least sometimes I think Method 2 might mean there's one more somewhat educated boater out there (we can but hope)

    SetTheHook - in the experience you just had I'd say that if they were pissed off when they copped a little of their own medicine they are obviously just selfish pratts and Method 2 would have probably been a waste of time


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    Re: courtesy on the dams

    Cheers, Bandit

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