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    Exclamation Trout FlyFishing -- Help?

    Hi everyone,

    To anyone on here who doesnt know me my name is Rowan and I live down here in Victoria.

    I love my fishing, I live, eat and breathe fishing.

    I have been trout fishing most my life but have never really gotten into flyfishing for trout. Most of my trout fishing has been lure casting (spinning) or bait fishing.

    I really want to start flyfishing, I have always been interested but have never had the drive before now.

    Im not sure what gear, Lines, Flies to start with... if anyone can help out with some advice or has afew flies spare they wouldent mind sending me in the post that would be great.

    Thanks guys,
    Cheers, Bandit

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    Re: Trout FlyFishing -- Help?


    Save yourself alot of pain and wasted money. Go and find a fly casting instructor and get a beginners course/lesson. They should cover all the questions you have and get you started the right way.

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    Re: Trout FlyFishing -- Help?


    As Apollo said, you can't beat getting flycasting lessons first, not only will it take away a lot of the mystery but also it will help you find out what type of fly caster you will be. I say this because each and every one is different and different fly rods suit different styles of caster, some are soft and slow and others are fast and quick and then there are those that are in between that.

    When looking for a guide/fly casting instructor look for one that is PFIGA affiliated as they in my opinion are the better ones to go to. They should also be able to help you with selecting the right rod for you and your needs etc. After you have done a few hours of casting lessons with them, it may then be time to take a days guiding with them. Most PFIGA Guides will provide all the gear you will require for the day, if not they will let you know what you will need to bring other than the basics of long pants, long sleave shirt, hat and sunscreen, warm jacket etc. you may already have waders etc.

    If after your casting lessons you may go and get your self a fly rod, line and real. My suggestion is to even after casting lessons, if its not the same brand as the casting instructor, TRY Before you Buy, Buy quality as you will buy once and not numerous times as you develop your casting skills and abilities.
    Also you may find you would be wise to start out with a floating weight forward line to match your new outfit.

    The shop you bye from should offer you the option to try the rod with a line though it before you buy it. If not don't buy it, as it may not be a suitable rod for you.

    With fly selection etc, the guide/casting instrutor can help you there plus there are plenty of books available on fly selection as well as flyfishing specific magazines. but basic nymphs and basic dries in various colours and styles should be all you need to start out, ask at your local tackle store or go to one of the many flyfishing specific stores in the melbourne area and have a chat to the staff there. they should be able to help steer you in the right direction.



    p.s. oh yeah welcome to the passion.

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    Re: Trout FlyFishing -- Help?

    G'day Rowan

    The other thing I would recommend is to see if there is a flyfishing club in your area. There will always be someone who knows more than you and is willing to share. Most clubs will have casting days to brush up on technique, and guest speakers on specialised topics.

    Good luck mate, love your enthusiasm


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    Re: Trout FlyFishing -- Help?

    Hi guys,

    Apollo and Covert, I have looked into fly casting lessons and guides... and I cant affored it right now... mum just lost her job after 28years work... so we are cutting back. I do however have the money for a rod, reel and line + afew flies.

    I like to think I know alot about fishing (Spinning, Baitcasting, Bait) but I dont know alot about flyfishing, thus why I have asked on here.

    lostndbroke, I have been in normal fishing clubs... and I must say, I have gotten sick of the Politics and not enough fishing... But I will go and see some clubs and test what they are like.

    Do flyfishing clubs look down on other types of fishing/fishermen?

    I also do alot of trout fishing in rivers and mostly Lake Eildon and The Eildon Pondage... Does anyone have any ideas on Rods, Lines, Reels, Flies? I can affored $100-$400 for Everything.

    I love ALL my fishing, and I really want to get good at flyfishing.

    Thank you somuch for all the info everyone.
    Cheers, Bandit

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    Re: Trout FlyFishing -- Help?

    Hi Rowan
    I have trout fly fished in Tassie(25years) and the best advise I can give is keep it simple.
    1/ buy a small book on trout fly's .(study your area to fish)
    2/ make your rod your biggest investment then your line (reel only stores your line.
    3/ I'd suggest 5/6 weight rod + line (floating) 2kg tippet(line to fly)
    4/ 5 dry -5 wet fly's
    5/ target small fish, catch a few then your hooked
    6/ source out other fly fisher in Vic.(try Aus saltwater flyfishing site as well ).
    I know this sounds basic to other forum users, but there ya go!!!!

    Good luck

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    Re: Trout FlyFishing -- Help?

    Might be basic, but spot on.

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