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    where to spear around moreton bay

    Just got into spearfishing and my dad's got a 17ft boat that can get us to any spots. can someone give me some ideas of spots to try in and around moreton bay?

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    Re: where to spear around moreton bay

    Any where you can find one of those Greenie bastards within range

    Most of my Money is spent on Booze and Fishin.
    The Rest is just Wasted!
    To The Shed.............

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    Re: where to spear around moreton bay

    there are so many its almost stupid to list... just get out there and learn..

    I have dived inside the bay for a long time...

    I generally avoid fisho's as they are phyco's

    but where they catch fish is where you can spear fish so get amoungst it!

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