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    Problem fitting mercury Flo-torq II hub to Evinrude

    Recently I got a Mercury Enertia Prop to try on my boat. My engine is a Evinrude 2004 135 DI.

    From everything I can find the mercury flo-torq II hub kit for late model V6 evinrudes is 835265Q2 (quicksilver branded part). When I try to fit this hub the aft adapter does not fit onto the prop shaft. It just wont go onto the splines, just butts against the spline ends. It appears the diameter of the spline is too small to fit the shaft (but the number of splnes is right).

    The aft adapter part number in hte kit is 834899

    Anybody got any ideas, the mercury dealer I got it from hasn't a clue.



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    Re: Problem fitting mercury Flo-torq II hub to Evinrude

    Is the right number on the adapter?
    If not maybe the wrong adapter was put in the box.
    Also there is 2 adapters available. one for new and one for old by the looks.
    I reckon they've given you the wrong adapter in the right box as the kit number looks right
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    Re: Problem fitting mercury Flo-torq II hub to Evinrude

    Quote Originally Posted by finga View Post
    Is the right number on the adapter?
    It has the correct part number on the adapter, I am starting to think it's a machining / tolerance issues. Only trouble I have convincing hte shop is they say the the adapter fits a gear case they have at the shop no hassle, but it is a V4 but they assure me the gearcase is the V6 on the motor!


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    Re: Problem fitting mercury Flo-torq II hub to Evinrude

    Just a quick note to say I finally got a solution. After receiving a second adapter kit from mercury and finding it still didn't fit on to the shaft I gave up on Mercury Australia being able to help me and imported a Michigan wheel XHS hub assembly equivalent for the mercury flo-torque system. It fitted perfectly.

    Both mecury shaft adapters where poorly machined with tapers evident in the aft adapter in what is aupposed to be a parallel splined arrangment. The mercury prop I got this for better be damm good as at this point I'll never touch another mercury product ever again given my experience to date.

    I have to say the machining and general build quality of the XHS hub is far superioir to the quality of the mercury sourced part.


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