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    Platypus Bay...Anyone dived it?

    G'day All,

    Just wondering out of interest if anyone's dived/speared any of the reefs in Platypus Bay? Did some skin diving up near Rooney's Point late last year and it was beautiful, but just wondering if anyone has dived anywhere else in the bay region before. Thanks heaps in advance.


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    Re: Platypus Bay...Anyone dived it?

    I speared wathumba about 3 or 4 weeks ago with a good mate that knows the area really well.
    I have never seen any reef up that way maybe its because im not divin in deep enough water but there is alot of fish around if you have your own little spots. I dive between 7 - 10m up there usually my mate who goes up that way quite regually has got kingfish,cobia, nanagi and reds just to name a few of the better fish but the area is covered with stingrays blackall , greasy parrot and golden trevally
    Nice place platypus bay cant wait for the weather to come good again to do abit of fishing and diving up there
    one of my fish from last trip

    cheers scott

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    Re: Platypus Bay...Anyone dived it?

    Pm sent mate...thanks for post!

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