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    Adhesive for fly tieing ?

    G'day fellas

    I dont get on to this site a lot these days so I am a bit behind on the threads.

    I have started some tieing lately, dear hair, fur and various fuzzy bits. Following an American book mainly. They talk about a quick setting glue (probably super glue) followes by 2p epoxies.

    I use super glue on my bindings and it appears to do the job, is it necessary to lay on epoxy as well ?

    Hope someone can pass on info, thanks in advance fellas.

    Regards Gordon

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    Re: Adhesive for fly tieing ?

    Super glue does the job for me mate.
    Cheers and thanks.

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    Re: Adhesive for fly tieing ?

    Clear nail varnish will do the job as well for a shiny head. You can get all fancy and buy head cement (I make it using 1:4 ratio of Shoo Goo and thinners) which penetrates a bit better than varnish.

    Epoxy is mainly for building up a profile of your fly.


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    Re: Adhesive for fly tieing ?

    Good advice Norm
    Mate, Also look at your local spotlight store and pick up some material paint.
    It comes in squeeze bottles and is great for adding colour and bulk.
    Its a type of plastisol and is durable.

    I use super glue on the first thread wrap (Lock it down)
    After that I will use what ever the fly calls for.
    I use a lot of Revlon clear nail varnish, This brand seems to work for me.
    As far as Epoxy goes, Devcon is supposed to be good (but dear) Then you can get into the really dear stuff that goes off under UVA rays.
    To be truthful, I think that is a wast of money (For me) As one fly will only last a few sessions in the salt.
    So , I use sellys 5 min ultra clear. Just use a bamboo skewer with a wine cork and manoeuvre the epoxy around your fly until set (5 mins)

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    Re: Adhesive for fly tieing ?

    Thanks for all the above boys. I am being careful and finding alternatives.

    I poke around Spotlight a bit ang get various fuzzy bindings. I picked up some brillant little red glass (eyes) the other day and gave them a try on a white head.

    Found out the adhesive on them was water misable. So back to superglue.

    Thanks Again.


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