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    Pilbara Spearing


    Good to see a spearfishing section,

    Anyway summer is over here and the water temp is starting to drop. This means the water clears right up and you can jump into the water for a dive.

    Last neap tides we headed south in search of Barcheek Trouts and Tuskies. We headed out to the islands in serch of some structure and do a bit of a tow. It wasn't long before we came across a rocky ledge with a few fish hanging around so the anchor went over. There were a few trout around but I was looking for a bigger one to come into veiw, I swam down and was greeted by one around 600. It wasn't long before it occured brain damage with a 7mm shaft hanging out of its head. With a few more in the esky we went out a bit wider in serch of some tuskfish country.

    It was a bit clearer out wider and we were getting towed for about 20 minutes when we came over a bit ground. My mate swam off in hot pusuit of a good Tuskie and I went looking for some more. I was in about 5m of water when I swam over a small ledge with a few trout hanging off it. Previous times i've hovered in the spot for a few minutes and Tuskies swam in so I did the same at this spot. 2 minutes later there it was 600mm of Tuskie comes in. You only get one shot on these things in shallow water and I muffed it! I got it too high up and it came off the spear stright into the ledge. I had just reloaded about to look for this tuskie when his brother comes in. After a slight spinal injury I took it back to the boat to put on ice.

    We got another small one before it was crayfish time. We cruised into one of the islands and found a few hiding in bombies. We got 7 and had about 5 more get away. I also noted the amount of Red crays we saw not big ones but unusual to see up this part of the world.

    I didn't take any photos of this trip but got some photos from previous trips.

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    Re: Pilbara Spearing

    Barcheek trout

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    Re: Pilbara Spearing

    Gday that first piccie a Bald chin grouper???good sized fish!!!...that trout is a CRACKER!!!...cheers for the piccies and report

    Mrs Benno1

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    Re: Pilbara Spearing

    Blackspot Tuskfish mate


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    Re: Pilbara Spearing

    Quote Originally Posted by Luke G View Post
    Blackspot Tuskfish mate
    Rate them highly as an eating fish Can do some damage to shafts too.

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    Re: Pilbara Spearing

    Good trout, also love hunting the blueys. The big ones are always one step ahead of you.

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    Re: Pilbara Spearing

    Lol great report Luke. Nice fish!

    Top work mate, keep it up.
    "holy sh!t, did you see that?"

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