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    Did you ever think?

    About having a go at salt water fly fishing?
    Id like to hear from those that have thought about it , But for some reason, Have not.
    What were your reason for not pursuing a go at it?

    IE; Too dear, Don't know how, Need someone to teach me, Fly fishers are too weird, Isn't that just for trout, Didnt know you could salt water fly fish, etc
    Bit of research here.

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    Re: Did you ever think?

    ive been thinking of getting into a bit of saltwater flyfishing for a while now, i did a little bit when i was younger,with not alot of sucess, so i know how to cast a fly rod, i think what has been putting me off is that,
    1, it is quite expensive to buy a fly rod.
    2, not many stores stock fly equiptment or even have the knowledge about it.
    3, fly fishers are weird!!!( this is why i think i would make a good fly fisher)
    hope this helps, hopefully soon i will buy a fly rod and get back into it.

    ...of all the liars among mankind, the fisherman is the most trustworthy. ~William Sherwood Fox.

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    Re: Did you ever think?

    Let see the difference between fly fisho's and the others.

    I have done bait fishing lure and fly fishing.

    1- you can get cheap fly gear and very expensive gear as well, isn't this the same as spining rods and reels.

    2- there is no difference between fresh or salt water fly fishing.

    3- I found fly fishers are not weird, they are more friendly than other type fisherman, I have talked to some fly fishers, they stoped fishing to talk to me and answered any questions I asked them without any hesitation.

    4- yes fly fishing is harder to master, it's better a good fly fisher to teach you the tricks from the bigining so that you don't get bad habits which will be harder to corect later.

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    Re: Did you ever think?

    The guys on "Hook line and Sinker" seem to use the flying fishing a bit in saltwater. Just watched an espisode this afternoon when they were fishing north of Weipa.

    Well it works for them. It'll work for you too.

    I'll be honest, I fish out from Hay Point,aroundVictor Island, and I seem to be the only one throwing a soft pastic around the rocks etc.

    Well, I enjoy it. And I dont care what other may think of it.



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    Re: Did you ever think?

    UI have two boats 6m offshore and a 4.8 m estuary tracker pro. I live on the sunshine coast and recently decided to have a go at fly fishing. Went to Gavin Platz tie and Fly on Point Cartright at Kawana got a couple of lesons and bought a 6wt GL# Loomis and a Sage 4560 reel.
    On the weekend went out in the bay and on about the third cast got a 2.4kg mac tuna, wel i have caught them before on heavy gear but have to tell you was heaps of fun on a 6 wt rod so i went and bought a 9 wt loomis cross and a fly reel for the bigger stuff what fun. I still soft plastic fish and offshore fish with bait but it is a extension of fishing. If you know how to fosh in other words you think about what yo are doing then all yo have to do is learn to cast

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    Re: Did you ever think?

    Hi Guys
    I am a old ,old fisherman that started with platted cord lines, kitchen spoons and planked wooden boats, and no green zones, and even back then before nylon, braid and over head reals, we had fly rods made from split cain. Yep I can hear you young guys now. Over the years I have fished with every type of gear I can think of, including carbide rock. ( thats for the old guys to understand ) And at the end of the day I would place the fly rod at the top of the list for being the best all round gear for fishing the rivers, lakes and estuary systems. You can cast a fly farther and with more accuracy to just about any wear you chose to. You can roll cast ,back cast and control that fly in a dozen other ways. You can present your fly on the surface, mid water or on the bottom, around ,behind or on top of a snag, and with a flick of your wrist you can change the direction of your cast. And if you get hooked up. All you have lost is a fly Worth a few cents. There is all so the factor of weight in a fly, a fish can not spit a fly out as easily as a lure because the fly has no great weight in it's self. It all so has great natural action by the very nature of what it is made of. And at the end of the day when the sun is going down, you can all ways sit with a few mates, a cold bear and turn out a dozen flys for that trip tomorrow, with out paying a arm and a leg.

    Fly fishing can be just great fun or you can take it further. It can become an art form, and as such worth learning. If you are a young man / woman thinking about fly fishing, give it a go and you will never look back.

    And like all things, you will get back what you put into it.


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