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    Re: Townsville spearo's

    No it's closed now.

    Aqua sports (which originally is a SE Qld store) is what's opening up on charters towers road shortly. It will be a dive / spear store I'm told, and they will advertise the opening

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    Re: Townsville spearo's

    Another question for you regular spearo's:

    When out on the reef to spearfish, do you leave anyone on the boat whilst you are in the water? I personally would from both a security and safety perspective, security, well you don't want some other boat coming up and ransacking you while you're in the water, ans safety, my major concern is the anchor pulling and the boat drifting 10 million kms away leaving you stranded.

    So whats the norm? Leave someone (who can drive the boat) on board or not?

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    Re: Townsville spearo's

    I was out diving again on saturday.... wish I'd taken my 3mm suit. It's now that time of year !

    And no, we never leave anyone on the boat, but you should have a dive flag out both on your float and on the boat (I'm pretty sure it's actually the law to have both).

    Just make sure you have enough anchor rope out ie enough angle on the rope, enough chain to start with (the length of the boat in chain is usually safest), and if in doubt dive the anchor to make sure it's holding well. Do these things and you'll be fine.... if not, it would be exercise swimming after the boat

    If you can find someone willing to stay on the boat you're in luck, somebody to keep an eye on you and somebody to pick you up if needed. It also opens the way for drift dives.

    oh, and check out this combo deal I came across, might be perfect for ya...

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    Re: Townsville spearo's

    does look like it will set me up well, but I'll wait until I get my big boat next year, otherwise it'll just sit in the shed most of the time. The only thing I couldn't sell before I moved was my dive float, so I still have that, things are different up here though, down south we could just thread the fish along the rope, can't do that up here, I still have a bodyboard from down south that I couldn't bare to part with at the time as I just spent $500 on the bloody thing, so I'll try and rig something up where a small esky sits on top of it for fish/cray storage until I get back to the boat, it could also double as my float while I'm in the water.

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    Re: Townsville spearo's

    Quote Originally Posted by Aeon View Post
    ... you should have a dive flag out both on your float and on the boat (I'm pretty sure it's actually the law to have both).
    This is a contentious one really. My info on this is that a flag is for scuba and actually not needed for snorkling. Read the definitions for the international and blue n white one. There were two instances where fisho's took people to court for no flag and the judge dismissed the cases (about 2 years ago). Both cases were classics - one was when a spearo was arguing with an angler and he backed the boat into him and the other was another classic story but I can't recall it. My mate at straddie also had a case dismissed when he was going to take it to court.

    On a side note - they were going to change the law and make it that when a dive flag was present no boats were allowed within 100m of the boat flying the flag. Fisheries didn't like this change as it ment that people could see them coming, throw up the flag and they couldn't get near them to check fish sizes and catch numbers

    Scott - when I jump out of the boat I swim down and make sure my anchor is set properly. If you get onto some good ground (big area) then I drop someone off, go up from them and anchor, jump in and swim ahead of them. When they get to the boat they go ahead of me and we leap frog through the area.

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    Re: Townsville spearo's

    Found the second story I was looking for http://www.bluewaterfreediversofwa.c...Newsletter.pdf Read page 6 another classic WTF A diver is defined as Compression Diver

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    Re: Townsville spearo's

    Sheesh! Fits like a glove on fishery's, they would rather be an active party to a killing or maiming than loose a very small amount of their power.

    Nazi in the extreme IMHO pure trash without any societal responsibility to guide them.

    cheers fnq

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    Re: Townsville spearo's

    The shops location: 237 Charters Towers Road.

    Phone: 47751873 Gonna have a look at their gear.


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