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    bream fly fishing

    i have been thinking of getting my fly rod out to catch some bream does anyone know how hard, what fly salt or fresh or anything to help me out since all i have done is for trout.

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    Re: bream fly fishing

    Hey mate haven't done it for ages. But just got a new rod after busting mine. In the past i've got them on dark coloured crazy charlies in the rivers. Just about everything else eats them too. Good luck! Ben

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    Re: bream fly fishing

    I all depends on where you want to fish.
    Woolly buggers (made for salt) will catch bream , Small clousers with bead chain eyes that wont sink too quik around jettys, Bread flys Under private pontoons, weighted flats stile flies will get them in the white water at the end of a beach / rock situation(The best eating and fighting bream).
    In the creeks, Any surface trout fly will get hammered by a bream.

    Long thin leaders and stealth is the key.
    With private pontoons, Burly them up untill there in a frenzy and present a floating leader with a piece of fluff and hook fully conceled in amongst the malee.

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