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    Successful impoundment flies/leader/gear

    Hello guys,
    we are off to Mondy on the 17th/19 and this will be my first time with fly gear. I have a mate, Giles( Zimbabwean Tiger fisho) , tying some bomber look alikes and a few that imitate bony bream, not sure on the hook sizes to advise though.We have 9wt rods and reels and will set one up with one floatling and one sinking line. I have been using 60/80 lb leader on my casting gear, and will suggest we use the same on the the long wands. As I've been braging about our native fish for so long ,I need to get him connected. My knowledge is petty limited to this sort of stuff so any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Glenn

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    Re: Successful impoundment flies/leader/gear

    Hi Glenn
    Long time no see. I've never fished Monduran myself, though some of the guys from the Sunshine Coast fly club fished there a few months ago. Try sending Flyfisho a pm, as he was one of them who were up there.
    Or try posting the same question on
    From what I heard it was tough going, and a lot of casts between fish. They had to do minimum of 80 foot casts as not to spook the fish. Now this may have changed from then. Chris caught a few when they were up there so he should be able to give you to good oil.
    See you on the water soon.

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    Re: Successful impoundment flies/leader/gear

    Hello Bill,
    Thanks for the info I will get on to FlyFisho with a pm. I dont know if I could punch out an 80 foot cast though, even with a tail wind . I also think anybody with a video camera in the vincinity of me getting a take on my fly rod could win $200000 on funniest home wont be pretty. I suppose I just need confirmation we are on the right track with our gear.
    ps boat still rocketing along, not as spotless as it was with last owner , I think you know him. I will catch up on the water for a chat soon.

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