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    My Barra growth rates

    Just thought I would put this up for anyone thinking about stocking a dam with barra. All of the fish in the photo were caught on the 15/03/09 the fish ranged from 470mm to 660mm and were from two stocking dates the first was January 2008 with fingerling sizes of 120mm to 140mm. the second stocking date was August 2008 with fingerling size 100mm. The fish have never been hand fed since introduction and live off the natural food source which is abundant, and all fish are in excellent condition with some pretty impressive growth rates. The next stocking I plan on putting in fish around 300mm if it's not too cost prohibative, then by this time next year I should have a great little fishing hole. Sorry about picture quality forgot camera and had to use phone.


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    Re: My Barra growth rates

    thats awesome ,you have to be happy with that.let us know when thay get to a meter .

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    Re: My Barra growth rates

    how good is that cyclone your own private fishery,

    what district are you in i used to have an excellent private fishery i could go on up gin gin way ,think dam was 160 acres there bouts had a ball there but situations change ,people move on ect, was a great testing ground for rio prawns ,they used to hammer them,

    how many did you put in, cheers mick

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    Re: My Barra growth rates

    Mick dam is on the Atherton tableland near Cairns we have only put about 60 fish in but it was stocked before we bought the property, and yes Opti some of the original fish are arond a metre.

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