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    what gear for spaniards, long tails and snapper?


    Thinking of targetting spaniards, long tails and snapper in the shallows(<15m) off Sunny Coast and Moreton.

    At a recent retail flea market picked up a 10/11 weight reel which will give me plenty of line capacity[and winding action:-)] for what I hope proves to be a good price.

    Now looking for rod, line and backing. Was thinking of a (fast) sinking shooting head 1 weight above the rod rating. Was thinking of either 20 or 30lb braid as running line, but have never used a shooting head. Maybe better of with fast sinking weight forward, or....

    In addition to line, will at some stage acquire (spouse willing) a rod, leader including wire and flies.

    Any tips or hints much appreciated. Have never caught a longtail, have caught a few snapper and some spaniards off Darwin. on bait and lures.

    Rick K

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    Re: what gear for spaniards, long tails and snapper?

    hi there rick be good to the misses becaues you will need to spend some money,first of all you will need atleast a 10wt which is a standard for longtails and you should get something for around $400 at the bottem end of price and forget the 20to30lb braid for a running line for a shooting head you will cut a finger of doing that just get a SAstipperIV $130 or a shooting head with running line and put some 50to65lb hi/vis braid for backing,i hope you did not get a reel that is die cast as it wont last catch to many longtails,but use it untill it dont work no more,when you get one you will no why,and for leader just use a mono butt 4ft of 30lb and a flurocarbon leader 3ft of 20lb and that will do you for snapper to and for the toothy fish you want to chase a bit of wire on the end some tieable stuff, as for flies you would be safe with a clousers of various sizes well i hope this helps cheers chris.

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    Re: what gear for spaniards, long tails and snapper?

    Mate if yo come to sunshine coast go and see tie and fly at point cartright at Kawana Gavin Platz owns it and he will know as he guides all over the place and overseas and for Nomad Charters

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