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Thread: my new dam

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    Re: my new dam

    Hi Opti,

    Just seeing how your dam project has progressed? Did you end up with any Saratoga or Jacks??


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    Re: my new dam

    Sucks that he isn't around anymore. I'd love to see it now.

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    Re: my new dam

    Just re-read this from start to finish. Was a really good thread. Also would love to know whether the jacks ever made it in...

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    Re: my new dam

    Did the jacks end up in the dam ???????????

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    Re: my new dam

    Bump .........

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    Re: my new dam

    Wow what an amazing thread! The thought of building a private dam with the purpose of stocking it has never even crossed my mind. An amazing project and Yea I'd love to hear how it's going now. Really interesting read, cheers guys!

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