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    Re: How to catch Eels? Please help

    best bet mate (if your in the google vicinity) it to head to a little spot called riverdale park! lake thgere's great! best bait is live hardyheads so bring a net or even a crab pot! take five or six rods coz the eel take a while to take. Then it is genuinely a hop skip and a jump away from the logan river where some thumper bull sharks are consistantly taken on eel meat! good luck!

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    Re: How to catch Eels? Please help

    don't listen to this mate go some big sharks in the logan! if your skilled you won't get hurt! prove your not "fishingoutof your depth" and go sonmething big mate!
    Quote Originally Posted by Bennywise View Post

    Bait? What are you chasing?

    Tom, from your previous posts in other threads you sound a very keen young angler . I aggree with Pete, why not practice your skills on whiting, bream flathead etc.. You will find it very rewarding catching these fish on poppers, plastics and HB's. If lures aren't your thing, pump some yabbies or dig for some Blood worms. That's what I used to do when I was your age. (and still do now from time to time).

    I commend your enthusiasm wanting to chase sharks and other monsters of the deep, but these fish are a real handful for even the most experience anglers. Hate to see a young angler get hurt fishing out of his depth.

    Mate, if your really keen to get onto some decent fish, I myself and I am sure there are many other people on this site that would be more than happy too take you out and hopfully get you onto a few.


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    Re: How to catch Eels? Please help

    Use newspaper to grip the buggers, works a treat.

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