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    Re: Spearfishing North of C'von

    Another good report Damo, keep 'em coming. Looks like a couple of nice little reefbreaks there, as well as good fishing.

    Gunna try ang get over there later in the year, around October. Do a few days in the SW, and hopefully get up N for a week or 2.

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    Re: Spearfishing North of C'von

    Cheers everyone. Here's a couple of screenshots from some vids i took watching Misch trying to gut the fish without a knife, so funny. Looking forward to some more good weather.

    "holy sh!t, did you see that?"

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    Re: Spearfishing North of C'von

    i cant c any pics or vids???!?!?!
    Ahhhhh, To be young and Free

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