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Thread: Fisher Boats

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    Re: Fisher Boats

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    You can't be neutral on a moving train

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    Re: Fisher Boats

    Quote Originally Posted by Nanny King NQ View Post
    As a current serving soldier I totally agree with Lippa.

    Your comments were unwarrented and unpatriotic.

    Those few words have made my mind up I will not be buying a Fisher boat.
    Hay Nanny King NQ, where you buy your boat is your choice, I only wish you the best.

    As a serving soldier, i truely apologise for my comment - I was out of line, just over whelmed with patriotism from the previus post.

    kind regards

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    Re: Fisher Boats


    I bought an outboard from Fisher a few years ago and they looked like very good boats. The use of water ballast to allow the use of deep V hulls was a unique design feature for plate alloy boats as far as I know.

    Reading the comings and goings on this thread I can't help feeling that it would be a brave person who would walk in an plonk down a significant amount of money on a new boat in the current situation.

    The public airing of a lot of dirtly laundry does not inspire confidence, and it is very rare for this information to be made public in the detail that has been provided here. Everyone reading this should understand that this is a collection of opinions, and it is probably not possible to ascertain the facts based on these opinions. Some pundits may have inside knowledge which will allow them to understand more than is apparent by just reading the posts.

    It makes me wonder how many other businesses go through the same trauma and financial instabilty, but no one knows because the information is not made public. No doubt we deal with companies in similar situations far more than we realise.

    I applaud the mods for letting this post go as far as it has. It is useful to understand what is occuring so that potential purchasers can make decisions based on what is going on. I hope the matter is resolved as quickly as possible so that the agrieved parties can move on. It would be a terrible situation for those affected, but what is done is done, and everyone needs to look forward - things can (hopefully) only get better from here.


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    Re: Fisher Boats

    Quote Originally Posted by gunna View Post
    Bloody ironic. Last year some Victoian guy with a grief against a boat maker started a thread on here which within a couple days became number one if you googled that boat maker. At the same time I shared a drink with Col at the Mission Pt M&G and we discussed how he would go about solving something like that if it was Fisher. Who woulda thunk eh !!
    I hope / wish Col was coming again this year. He is a top bloke and I enjoyed his company last year. He does not deserve this crap !!! Hey Col If your watchin I hope that you join us for a few drinks and laughs at Mission point again next month, You deserve it !
    Cheers Grant

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    Re: Fisher Boats

    This thread has now been locked.

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