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    Cheap Fly Reels Under $100

    Just kicking off into the world of fly and slowly setting myself up with some Kit. I have the Rod (SCOTT SVS 906) and now i need the Reel to suit..Any suggestions on what too buy or not too buy..Been looking at Scientific angler, Gillies,Okuma, redington and Kamikaze etc.. so far...Suggestions, experiences....Cheers Scott.

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    Re: Cheap Fly Reels Under $100

    I've been using a Gillies Guide series 789 for my 9 weight and it seems to be ok. You can buy replacement drags for them and the reels are under $100 or there abouts. Plus spare spools are cheap as well and readily available. If I was chasing big tuna every weekend then I don't know how long it would last for though. Still for the price they seem ok. I happy with it. Will be buying a 456 very soon for my new 7 weight TFO and a few spare spools to change lines quickly.

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    Re: Cheap Fly Reels Under $100

    Hi fishsmith if you are just doing some light salt or fresh and not putting a fish to the reel you will get something cheaper than that but go for large abor and if you want to put a fish to reel and chase some small tuna or trevaly spend $200 plus and get a 6/8 okuma VK ive landed mack tuna up to 7kg on my 7wt but mostly 2to5kg and have had it for a many seasons now,but i put after market bearings in it and have had no troubles,it only when you put fish to reel and there screaming off then you will no why you have to spending more money,i hope this helps.

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    Re: Cheap Fly Reels Under $100

    Thanks for your replies fellas..Had a look at some of the cheaper reels, and yes they would have done the job however the drags weren't as smooth as i like them....Settled on an XP2 which i picked up for $170..which has a sweet drag and looks good too...Now i've gotta master this casting business..

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