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    Re: fishing rods on a air plane???? tip on traveling with rods............get yourself a bazuka rod tube by flambeau.virtually indestructible is what these item are for!!!.

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    Re: fishing rods on a air plane????

    Bulky items (maximum 1.9 metres for A320 & A321 aircraft, maximum 2.77 metres for A330 aircraft), including but not limited to bicycles, surfboards, skis, golf clubs, snow boards, may be included within the allowance, subject to space availability
    Thatis fron JETSTARS web site , so yes Virgin BLUE will carry up to 3m but if you are ina similar boat to myself and have top mix carriers to get to destinations and times your stuck
    Solutions = Lamiglas xmg 50 travel rods
    As I said before careful with the reels and braid.

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