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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    I'll take one Paul, will ring tomorrow.
    Looks a bit low tech compared to your other equipment you manufacture.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Luv it Tim
    Mate some of this simple stuff as you call it has more time spent on it than the difficult stuff.
    I like developing the mechanical more than the electronic as i can get behind the lathe and make things you can see, the electronic stuff just whizzes around and does things you can't see, thats no fun.
    This tool has taken time and now at MK V with more mods in the future for it, just refinments.
    I fish in white gum boots so no toes available to do the bimini. Just recon it was too difficult up unitil now,,, so now it's easy, and perfect every time.
    Thanks mate.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Thanks for that Paul. I have recently purchased some NZ made spectre braid goes by the brand name "PFK". It's a pretty stiff dyeema, and I have made up some samples, with and without knots to terminal tackle to send to you for testing. An interesting one is sheathing the end of the braid in a larger sized dacron, a simple overhand knot then apparently tests at 90%. The website is . The guy specialises in kite fishing, but has a wealth of experience in professional longline fishing also. Some of the knots he has developed are pretty simple and very effective. I have also send you some 50kg test Sunline system leader FC100 flourocarbon for testing. Check out his "Kiwi plaited dropper", as compared to the standard blood loop dropper most of us use. I have sent samples of both. Paul claims 94% on his Kiwi dropper, and even uses it to join line, so will be interesting to see how it tests out.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hey Bomb49
    It would be good to see some of that, I have heard of it.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    just livening up this thread for the benifit of jason p.

    Its the details, those little details, that make the difference.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    I think this thread should be a sticky, personally.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Thanks Chamelion, maybe some one will organize that.

    I have done some more Line testing and Knot reviews.

    I am going to put this post here as well as in the leader knot section.

    Playing with knots you try all sorts of things, people mention things like, have you tried this or that, you pick up on all sorts of things.

    I think it was my mate Rog that said, I believe that they are using a very heavy large braid as a leader, as it cuts through the kelp better than the conventional leaders, that are much larger in diameter than the equivalent breaking strain in braid.

    So i thought how would you tie a light braid to a heavy braid, and get good strength, a little R & D required.

    After trying a number of knots, like a Uni and Double blood, with results poor to medium, i tried some thing new, and got all but 100% of the mainline breaking strain.
    I used a Bimini Twist as a knot, just one knot to tie the 2 lines.
    One thin line (22 lb) in and one heavy line (74 lb) out, with a resulting breaking strain of 21.9 lb.
    I also did this with a 22 lb braid onto a 28 lb medium hardness leader and got a 20.8 lb result, which is not to bad. I tried it on 42lb medium hardness line, it was difficult to do but a similar result.

    The "How To" I am just writing and putting up on my site.

    Interesting result after a days playing
    For the Latest Visit.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hi Guys

    I have been doing a few more breaking strain tests on braids and a Mono Leader with interesting results.

    Latest Tests on,
    Braid, Woodstock Power Strike yellow 30 lb and 50 lb, Blue steel 6 lb. Penn Pro power.8 lb, Shakespeare ugly 10 lb. Spiderwire Stealth 65 lb, Tuf line XP yellow 50 lb, Grifton Exoset 30lb and 50 lb, Varivas Ivani big one jigging braid 85 lb, Daiwa Saltiga Sensor 8 hyper PE 75 lb, Dolphin 168 PE 40lb
    Mono type, Momoi Hi-catch 40 lb and 50 lb.
    Leader Material, Schneider Klear 55 lb

    I have added a line review page, this may help when you need to get that next line.
    I also made a video on using a Bimini Twist as a knot to join a heavy braid as a leader to a light braid main line, the breaking strain retained is 100% of the lighter braids strength. I am going to try a heavy braid as a leader for my future fishing.

    Thats the knot in the above post

    When I was doing some strain tests on a leader, I accidentally put a small crease in the line, it was not a cut (I bent the line over a sharp 90 deg edge), the line got a small white spot in it, could not feel it, the sort of thing you may see in a knot / overlap or on a bend, the spot wound up in the center of the test area, I thought I wonder what happens here, well it failed at 51% of the lines true breaking strain. This one had me thinking I may have to do a little more work in this area.

    For the Latest Visit.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    It would be very interesting to see how different line respond to being bent and or kinked.

    keep up the good work.

    Its the details, those little details, that make the difference.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hi Guys
    I have often wondered if there was a standard number between wet and dry testing.
    It recently came up when i heard that a few records had been rejected (Hearsay mind you).
    So i thought i would have a little play. Here is how it went.

    Momoi Hi-catch IGFA 15kg/30lb.
    They call this a 15kg line which is not 30lb but in fact 33lb or is it a 30lb line thats a 30lb/13.64kg line ??? Safer in Australia as a 15kg class than in the USA as a 30 lb class. not sure how all this works.
    I was surprised to see this line break over the the rating at an average of 33.56 lb (15.25 kg), I thought this could be a problem for some. When tested wet the line came in just under at an average of 29.57 lb (13.44 kg), dangerously close if your chasing a record.

    The line was 2 yr old and the end of a spool that was never used, this age could also harden it, maybe that's why it broke well over when doing the dry test. Wetting the line (2 hr soak) and doing another test it failed just under, maybe the wetting process rejuvenated the line to some extent.
    The difference between wet and dry seems to be about 10%, well on this line in this instance it was actually 11.9%.
    I have done some other wet and dry tests and run some comparisons between them, the end result was that......
    Generally wet lines loose 6.3% to 7.5% of the lines strength that's from dry to wet.


    see the results

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hey Guys.
    Guess its been a while, but the testing has not stopped

    For those that use braid the line testing list has grown, with samples coming in from all over the world, thanks to Sheldon, Darko and Vladimir.

    I have been asked to put the line testing list into something more meaningful, so it could be used as data in a Braid buyers guide.
    Well I tried a few differing ways, as a measured thickness,, then redid it as a stated breaking strain,, but when i listed it as a tested breaking strain, it came into its own. Mind you only 6 hrs.

    I would like to thank all of you for sending the line in , as the list only exists because you do, BUT just keep them coming.

    As for the Manufacturers, Guys send in your samples and lets get this real.

    This new listing puts a different twist on the braid listing, especially the breaking strain / thickness senerario.

    To see Braid put forward as 3lb and17lb and it actually breaks at around 10 lb.
    But then it's put forward as 3lb thats 14lb and a 10lb thats 14lb, now it becomes a little confusing.
    Then the 4lb that's 20 and 30lb thats 19lb.
    Then 6lb is 22lb and 30lbs that is 22lb.
    Lets not forget the 15lb and the 40lb that's 36lb.
    All the way up to 80lb that is actually a 150lb.

    But look at the thicknesses,,, now that's the way to go.

    Any way look at the listing,,, But also then the reviews, ones no good without the other, i recommend to buy what's the best at a price that suits you.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hey guys

    Been a while but the list grows.

    I am still doing a lot of line testing, some solid leader material, braids and hollow core braids.

    Some of the most interesting testing I have come across has been, hollow core braid and it's loops and that then leads onto windon leaders.

    With testing the windon leaders a few things have come to my attention, this also takes on all leaders inside hollow core.

    I know that you can say my 100lb windon tests to 85lb and i only use a 55lb main line, that's good enough, well it's not, on an extended fight and extended usage wear will take it's toll.
    Most complaints I hear are, and testing has shown that they seem to break the loop at a point where the mono finishes inside the hollow core braid.
    This can be overcome by a longer taper on the mono and then sanded smooth, from the testing I have done I see that the length of the taper on the leader needs to be 22 times it's diameter. Long is'nt it. Not only does this increase the overall breaking strain, but also stops chaffing on the inside of the hollow core and weakening it and failing, especially during those long fights.

    The other problem I encountered, is slippage and creep of the leader in the hollow core, this is because the leader shrinks as the load increases, i know a lot of other things come into play here as well, like loading and relaxing.

    The holding capability of the system can be enhanced by using a little of the (i will use the word) glue on the underside of the hollow core that is a slight smear on the leader at the serve end before the whipping is applied.
    The other thing that will increase the holding power of the hollow core, and assist in stopping creep is to deglaze the leader with some fine emmery paper.

    Hollow core and loops I will get to.
    And don't forget to send me some of that line.

    Thank you

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    I have a mate with a dozen different ebay braids that I would be interested to see tested, but do you think I can convince the bloke to throw me a length of each? Nope! lol

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hey guys

    A little water under the bridge since all this started.

    But the concept has not changed, the list a lot bigger than ever.
    Hollow braid added, more lines to be listed in this catagory along with it new concepts, using it.
    Some of the latest tests include Stren braids a mix of thick and thin strands.
    Then a few poor results of chinese braids
    A newcomer to the list Tasline from NewZealand, tested well.
    New ways to join and make loops in solid braid. 100% strong.

    Just never stops, see the braid buyers guide.


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