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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    I've just figured out how to view the gifan you sent me..... yep that looks like it.

    have you tried the knot?

    Its the details, those little details, that make the difference.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    I have not tried it but after making the animation i know it off by heart


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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Any updates Paulus?

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hi Guys
    I got that line Tim_N, I am more than surprised at the results. Can you do me a little favour and double check, what you sent,,,, or they have fogotten how to make the suff these days


    I just added a few more to the list.
    Fins original green 10 lb that went near 3 times that, and power pro yellow 30lb.
    I have also put up a few animated new knots.

    See the results
    Paulus hope it helps

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hi Paulus,
    Wow! I knew 10 lb Fins was good,! I caught a 26 lb Cod on the stuff the other day, and I pulled the bejesus out of it because I initially thought it was a Sweetlip and the line punched well above its weight, I knew that much.
    It is definately 10 lb Fins PRT Original, purchased from Allround Angler at Caboolture in Queensland.
    The reason I went with it was due to a line test published in Modern Fishing. The PowerPro was an Ebay purchase, from an Australian seller.
    The Fins PRT has been on my Certate for half a season (the sample I send you was new from the spool) and it has knotted and performed faultlessly.
    I like PowerPro too. Both the Fins and PowerPro do not claim to be the thinnest etc, but I find them both reliable, cost effective, honest, hard wearing Spectras.
    The diameter of the 10 lb Fins is not much thinner than the 30 lb Castaway PE and I suppose based on diameters, they should be fairly close to each other performance wise, but the Fins is about half the cost of the Castaway Dyneema.
    I think the USA Spectras are more intent on selling braid with a comparison to mono diameter as its biggest drawcard, whereas Japanese Dyneemas are more about getting close to line class and are more accurate in their calibrations hence the reason why the Fins and Castawayare similar in diameter but way different in their line classes. It is all about marketing because Spectra and Dyneema are extremely similar products.
    As an aside, I will check out how 10 lb PowerPro compares to 10 lb Fins PRT Original, I think they will be siimilar if my theory on Spectras is correct.
    Thanks for your assistance on this.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    I may be on to something here.
    The PowerPro 8 lb on Paulus' site breaks at about 18 lb and the 20 lb at about 38 lb, so the 10 lb Fins PRT on those figures should break at about that tested (approx 27 to 28 lb).

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Two two things come to mind here, I wonder if the latest line from fins is the same strong line, and i see that power pro has got stronger for the same thickness.
    The Fins is a thin line for the breaking strain. I see that they have 4 lb and 15 lb.

    I think these thin strong lines are the way to go, you can cast further with them.
    Has anyone got some fins and the like, they would like tested it may tell a different story.
    See it all at


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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    The only other Fins I've got is some 20 lb which has been well used, so I guess it is no good for an accurate test.
    Anyone out there with some 10 or 15 lb PowerPro or even XP Tuff line?

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    I will be sending some 15 lb Fins Original PRT soon for trial.
    Let's see how this one tests.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hello Paulus,
    I sent another sample yesterday, should be at your place today or tomorrow.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Tim and Paulus, I've got the same 10lb Fins on one of my larger older reels, it has always seemed to punch well above its stated line class, really managable and great knots. I might just have to go back to it one day soon.
    Cheers Roo.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hey Roo,
    How's it going? I have just bought some 15 lb Fins as it is .008 in diameter as compared to the 10 lb stuff which is .007 diameter. I'm only guessing here, until Paulus does the test, but I reckon it will break at about 33 lb.
    I think they should re-badge the 10 lb to 10 kg and the 15 lb to 15 kg.
    I went with Fins again, not so much for the breaking stain, but for diameter. It is soooo good to knot with for its diameter.
    Am currently using on a Egrell Bear S6 with a Hyper 2500 Daiwa and am pulling the bejesus out of it (the line that is).

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    I'll guess the 15lb finns will go no more than 31lb. the diameter is 14.5% more so i reckon the test result will stay in that zone too!

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Thanks guys

    I just did some tests and will put a Red (*) against the new tests as we go, in future.

    I got a great bunch of new line in today as well as these tests I just put up.

    Updated 26,02, 2009 with.

    Damyl Tectan Premium.....

    Berkley FireLine XDS,
    Yamatoyo Famell SW Super Pe,
    Sufix Performance yellow 6 and 30 lb,
    Hi- Seas Grand Slam fluro yellow.

    Thanks for the input Scott
    See it all at

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hey guys

    Updated 01,03, 2009 with MONO. Storm Thunder line, Shimano Tigra, Shimano Beast master. LEADER Material, Black Magic, Jinka Leader, Niteline XTS Plus trace.
    Thanks for the input Scott and Justin.
    Some of these leader materials are tough not because they are 60 lb, but because they are abrasion resistant.

    See it all at

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