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    Line Testing Breaking strain.

    This all started with me needing to know what, Was and Wasn't a GOOD LINE.

    A little about the Tests, in part of my business, we run a testing laboratory, so I understand testing procedures. I do this as a hobby at home, so I hope it all helps.
    Results to date have been more than interesting.

    What I have found by doing these tests is that the thinner the line for the best breaking strain is the best line.
    It's about Size verses Breaking strain, you can cast your lures further, and use less jighead / sinker weight, especially when fishing deep with less drag in the water.
    The breaking strain can be a lot different than that stated on the spool, and the size is allways bigger than stated.


    I Never make the comment, that a fish was caught on a particular line strength, unless it's been pretested.
    As I receive new lines to test, and the list grows you will have to visit to see the updates.

    Line Test results, displayed as the Average of 3 tests, marked as (A). I will also show the Best result (B)
    The Line is tested in Kg, and the results Calculated using, x 2.2 to get Lbs.
    Braid diameter is a hard one, so will be measured, on the flat (as most are), then wound up (twisted) measured again, the 2 results added and divided by two, to give an average (A) size in overall Cross Section, you could call it bulkiness. It's the amount taken up on your reel.

    I am always looking for line to test, mail 3 mts of your line in an envelope, no spool, I will test no charge.
    Knott Tests send 1 metre of line with the knot in the centre, the line should also be tested for the knot result to be meaningful.
    Info required Brand name & Product type, Colour, Stated Lb / Kg, Diameter, if a Knot then type, and your email address to Send the results to.
    MAIL TO Line Test. 13 Alhambra ave, Cardiff, 2285 NSW.


    The results list is now far too long to put here so visit,,,,,

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    An admirable and worthy hobby for us fishos to benefit from. Do you use the wet test method or dry test? Would love to see your test bench (not being cynical here, just genuinely interested) I was involved in the early days of testing breaking strains of lines for awarding ANSA records for line class claims. This involved testing a 15m sample of line three times using the wet test method on a test bench we designed ourselves.


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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hi Greg
    The lines that have been tested have been tested dry.
    All the tests have been carried out the same way, so its a good comparison between them all.
    I see so many posts on this type of website asking what is a good braid, or whats this line like, now i have a list that can be looked at and lines compared against each other.
    I have run comparisons between my tests and pretested lines and results are within less than 1% so i am happy with that.

    I can also test knotts and crimping, and recommend that all leadered / precrimped lures, should be recrimped to a standard, as near all tested failed, Note, for those who love ebay.

    Hope it all helps

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Well done on making your results publically available. Some surprises there for me, I had thought the braided/GSP lines would have broken even higher than they did.


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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    thanks, thats good info. Im surprised suffix performance 15lb broke below its rating. Ive been using it cos MF magazine tests said it breaks right on its rating.

    How many samples do you test for each line?

    remind me never to buy rigs off ebay.......

    keep it up.


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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    We do 3 tests although the line comes from one spool. we do retest some samples as they are sent in, to find the results very similar.
    Recently I had some 30 lb samples sent in by an importer, one yellow and a blue, both very different, made on different machines i guess.


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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Keep up the great work Paulus. I find it astonishing that so little measured information is available on this topic. Line choice is made confusing by the fact that many braids/fused lines do not break at their rated capacity, making many comparisons of strength versus diameter meaningless. This is one of my pet gripes! We can find plenty of reviews of rods/reels/lures in the media and on the net, but almost nothing on the thing that connects them altogether - the line.....

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    I posted you a bunch of samples the other day...( mostly booring mono) .I hope they arrived Ok.....I await with interest the results.

    I suppose you have to find time to blow the dust off the testing rig then more time to update the site.

    Its a good work . cheers
    Its the details, those little details, that make the difference.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Thank Paulus.
    I have just taken some braid back to the store I purchased it from.
    I decided to test my knot from leader 80lb to braid 50lb.
    the braid broke at around 35 lb. it tried it about 6 times using a spring scale and it broke at a similar load eack time. I thought my scales were wrong, so I gently pick up a bucket with 18 liters of water in it and it weighed 40lb. I then tried to pick the bucket up using the braid and the braid broke. The braid did not break at the knots. The store rang the manufacturer for me and we were told to send them 10m of the braid for them to test. After a week or so the official comment from the Manufacturer was that the braid was tested by them and its strength was "within tolerence".
    We tested the braid several times in the store and it broke always around the 34lb mark. I am disgusted that the manufacturer would say the braid was "within tolerance". 50lb should be 50lb or close to it.
    The guys in the store tested a more expensive brand yesterday rated at 50lb. I was told it broke at around the 28 kg mark which is approx 62lb. They are going to load my reel up with the more expensive braid, as i want to use the 50lb plus rated line, and they are giving me my money back on the other line.
    I still cannot believe the spin the line was within tolerance. they must test it differently.
    Paulus, I will try get some of the line to you for a test.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    As Paulus and many others, myself included who have tested lines etc will tell you that standard methods and techniques differ from around the world. It is a question of what is considered 'acceptable' to the average fisho in this instance. In Australia we have a fairly high expectation but that differs from say Europe or Asia.
    There are many considerations that can alter the way a line fails and where in the setup of terminal tackle the failure occurs. Temperature, humidity, the actual test rig setup (especially with diameters of mandrels etc). Even varying the amount of twists of line to make a knot will have an adverse affect on different line brands.

    Well done on sharing your findings mate.


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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Well Oldboot, maybe it was your line i got (it did it have some special knots in with it) ??, a lot of good stuff, one sample of Platypus Platinum 20 lb was the same as the 30lb sample ??, maybe you can have another look at it and send the two samples again. Thanks.
    Well Hey Guys,,,, What do you do with your spare time.

    Updated 14,02, 2009 with Frog braid line systems, Suffix, Tuff line Braid 50 and 65 lb, SureCatch Ultimate mono 30 lb, Rapala Saltwater, Javis Walker mono, Platypus Platinum clear, Penn Mariner Lime, Schneider Klear Clear.

    The Knot section is new, interesting, wet your knots before pulling tight, and be carefull line damage around the knot does more harm, than the knot failing. Do not cut your ends too short.

    I was lucky with the knot testing as the main test ( i was asked to do ) failed with the line breaking and not the knot, ( prob a nick in the line ) so lucky i was able to retest the knot. which is supposed to be a simple knot, its called a Heiliger / reverse clinch or San Diego Jam, it did very well, the owner may want to put up a way of making it.
    Anyway i did find a knot that was more than Ok, and tested it to the max of the lines capabilities.

    Thanks to the person from another / this site in sending in all that line. it was a mind boggling amount, that with another person, and an importer, kept me busy and still more to do.

    So that was that, for the last two days, but Pls do keep sending your samples in. And Oldboot no dust here,,, believe me....... It was raining and windy so that was good,,,, for line testing. And CreelReaper Your right, The one thing is all the tests have been done the same,,, Braid is another story in itself. Thanks for the comments.

    See the results
    Paulus hope it helps

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    yep that brown envelope was from me .

    I'll send you a couple of other samples of the platapuss

    The knot I sent is exceptional...I've tested a number if times ant it almost always breaks on the line.

    I'll try and send you a drawing.

    Good to hear from a man of science

    good work. cheers
    Its the details, those little details, that make the difference.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hi sent you a Email.
    if you show how its done i may be able to do a Animation of it.

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Just posted off 2 more samples.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Line Testing Breaking strain.

    Hey Guys
    i did an amination of that knot,,,, 4 hrs later,,, hope its right.
    Let me know and i will put it up

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