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    Tassie 2008/09 Pics

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    Re: Tassie 2008/09 Pics

    hey mate nice trout were abouts did ya go??

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    Re: Tassie 2008/09 Pics

    Some nice fish there mate especially love that rainbow. Great pics.

    What would Macgyver do . . . . . ?

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    Re: Tassie 2008/09 Pics

    Around Great lake, we stayed at Miena, Great Lake Pub.

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    Re: Tassie 2008/09 Pics

    I fished around there in 98/99. Great spot - my wife hated it because she had to turn up the radio to hear the cricket over the mossies. Slapped the front of my waders and killed 5 in one hit! Y'all can have it!


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    Re: Tassie 2008/09 Pics

    Nice fish, looks a tad cool in some of the pics.................thats keen in the snow also.....

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    Re: Tassie 2008/09 Pics

    Just another know........Hey! I've caught fish in the snow....

    Definitely not Qld weather

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    Re: Tassie 2008/09 Pics

    Looks a great trip John,

    Shame the fish weren't really playing the game - especially to rising insects but I guess you get that when the weather is so cold and there's no hatch.

    I've seen days out on the boat in those lakes you fished where the wind lanes just bring the insects through and the trout resemble tuna in Morteon Bay. Rare days I'll add but unbelievable days.

    Hiking into the Western Lakes is also a trip well worth doing.


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    Re: Tassie 2008/09 Pics

    Hiking into the Western Lakes is also a trip well worth doing.
    I would love to do that but my legs arent up to it anymore, getting old is only for trees

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    Re: Tassie 2008/09 Pics

    For someone like myself who is thinking about giving the Tassie lake fly a go your thread gets the must go bells ringing. Good coverage with the pics. I have been fishing fly for a few years on impoundment and estuary locations and species.
    For the trout lake fishing what wand weight are you using and what line are you using? Are the styles of line used in Tassie the same as those that would be suitable for use in the lakes of NZ.
    Fly rods were made to bend!

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