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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    Well by taking away the arguement and getting fisho's on the front foot caring about those things Timi, he and the others don't have a lot to complain about and it will start showing that they just want fishing to stop.


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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    Well done Chris,,I think you came across well on the ole wireless and put the issue out there to a whole lot more ears.

    Avast ye matey!

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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    Thanks Dave, I appreciate that.

    The key to things in my book is education. Education of the public to understanding who we really are as a group and that we are really conservationalists, ultimately this is our main aim. We are not the nasty catch & kill mentaility of years past so please stop calling us redneck hicks. So if this morning changed some of the minds of the 16-39 demographic that show aims at to understand a little better, then it was more than merely successful.


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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    AIRPORT 2nd Runway, How to win a Tourism Award
    Chris great to see something about the sea-grass with the airports in the media, that point plus how to dispose of the contaminated dredging soil serves to illustrate the politicization of the debate regarding moreton bay being placed solely on the shoulders of fishing by the Government and Green movements.

    As we know, its an urbanization and development issue, but who can blame the government or greenies for going for the easiest target ie fishermen and conveniently ignoring facts.

    The 15% seagrass dredged as fill isnt the only environmental airport disaster affecting the bay! The 2nd airport didnt need to be built where it is 2 kilometers apart from the original one. The minimum requirement is 1500 metres apart and the original designs placing the runway reflected that but that changed.

    The creek didnt need to be filled in and 200 ha of breeding mangroves removed if the original plans of separating the runways where followed. There where plans showing a 2nd runway happily next to the existing one with the mangroves, wetland and creek all untouched.

    BUT of course well, all those bigger and better new duty free shops need to go somewhere, so the creek and mangroves went. In the plan they are nicely called Domestic terminal facilities and the BAC argued it was safer having the 2 runways so far apart, bye bye creek and mangroves.

    Follow the money: but it is rather convenient isn't it that that 200 ha of undevelopable breeding mangroves and wetlands are to make way for the runway which didnt have to be built where it was.

    But we should be grateful as we now a the Airports Biodiversity Zone built for us, all 285 hectares of it and the remaining birds are classified as safe to be around airports, id say lucky for them they werent deemed to be unsafe.. not bad in return for trashing 200 hectares of breeding mangroves and wetlands, we win dont we by and extra 85 hectares, deal of the century?

    Follow the money, the BAC paid $1.3 billion dollars for a 99 year lease for the Airport and not one development plan has been rejected, in fact for the efforts of hoodwinking everybody the BAC won a tourism award for its successful campaign to gain the controversial 2nd runway, they recieved the award for 'Public Affairs Excellence"

    Simon has a position on dredging and seagrass. Shame he has forgotton that original position and now only seeks to stop fishing. Well we are the easiest targets. In a previous press releases on sea-grass and dredging in regard to the Gold Coast, he said

    “We already know previous dredging caused major changes in tidal movement which caused a significant loss of seagrass and high levels of boating traffic is increasing turbidity, the number one killer of seagrass,” said Mr. Baltais.
    According to the 1993 Study by WBM Oceanics on the Southern Moreton Bay:
“Substantial losses of seagrass occurred during and after the construction of the Gold Coast Seaway. Aerial photographs taken in 1987 show that more than 90% of the dense seagrass beds present in 1982 were lost.

    How ironic he said this in the same release

    “it is ironic that the Review of the Moreton Bay Marine Park Zoning Plan is taking place, yet it seems the environmental impacts of dredging, promoted by the Access Needs Study, are not even going to be considered,” said Mr. Baltais.

    Well Simon seems you have forgotten your own words on the subject, maybe someone should remind him?

    Remember i said no BAC development plan has been rejected, or indeed they enjoy protection of the governments, the John Anderson MP in 2002 as Minister for transport and Regional Services in a response to the BAC Airport MAster plan acknowledged the publics confusion whereas the BAC didnt have a misunderstanding as to what was in the master plan.... they amended the legislation,
    : ie The Government considers that some of the public concern associated with the development of the Brisbane Airport master plan reflected a lack of understanding of the status of the master plan and its relationship to major developments on airport, such as the proposed new runway. Accordingly, the Government will prepare an amendment to the legislation to clarify the relationship between airport master plans and major development plans.

    Funny that the legislation was amended but the public still misunderstood, and of course when it came to public consultation well, the MP acknowledged that the public should be consulted and was entitled to make its o pinions known, but:

    The Government is conscious of the costs that would arise from a highly prescriptive regulatory process covering the level, means and detail of public consultation to be undertaken and the depth and level of associated information disclosure. Moreover, stakeholders are likely to have different levels of knowledge on, and expectations about, these matters and this in itself can give rise to different impressions of how well consultation has been undertaken

    Ah well so much for public consultation then and of course the out is the final sentence, consultation means different things to different people..all very good politics

    1: They destroy 200ha of breeding mangroves and wetlands and a creek
    2: they replace it a 285ha conservation zone with airport safe birds?
    3: they win the Tourism Award for a successful campaign over the 2nd runway
    4: They dredged the banks before, they do it again, who cares about the seagrass
    5: Simon knows dredging affects the Bay but blames Fishos,
    6: The Govt, well we consulted you even if you completely misunderstood everything

    I need a cuppa now... phew...

    sorry for the long read.
    Tangles KFC

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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    Thanks for that post mate. I was annoyed I didn't get a rebuttal on the seagrass % mentioned this morning on radio, but 15% of the dredged area is seagrass. Simon wouldn't dare go against the Airport, the Port of Brisbane is one of the major shareholders and the Port of Brisbane sponsor Seagrass Watch with, you guessed it, Simon at the pointy end.

    It all goes in circles doesn't it; and they all have money clearly in the equation as the big denominator!


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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    Top stuff Chris you won that one hands down !

    I was surprised when Meshel came straight out with the 15% of seagrass to be lost to dreding question ! Stumped Simon straight away and he moved on pretty quick to another subject

    Great to see the NOVA boys arching up over the nursery issue as being the starting point of the problem not the end user, Rec fisherman


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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    do a search on Simon Everywhere..the bloke is in every bloody green group on the planet..he seems to make a living from these groups..more like a parasite than someone with some positive input into society. Perhaps Simon you may be able to orchestrate things like that lil ol' election in Victoria you were part of.

    I was heading to a job site this morning..the mobile AF member..quick turn the radio to whatever station it was..first i hear effort then the tones of one Simon Baltais...I had not even had smoko and i was feeling nauseous..Now here is something..Simon said it was about protecting the biodiversity and the FISH. Amazing..when I had the meeting with Peter Shooter from the EPA my first question was.."are these green zones about protecting the fish or the seabeds. Mr Shooter's response.."It has nothing to do with the fish only the seabed". Well there ya go don't even know what your beloved EPA are on about...typical.

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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    Quite right Greg and Simon is certainly a busy boy, apart from being president on most green organisations ( whether how big or small) he is also MC and driving this, check out

    The theme is community warmth can cool the planet? wish it was so easy as that but its presented by the BCC and the sponsors are QLD GOVT, Channel 7, b105, Triple M

    there is even a green career show?

    I wonder if they would let a SOBA take an exhibit??? praising the benefits of organic natural australian fish, anyone donate recycled organic beer?
    Tangles KFC

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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    Ah yeah, forgot to add this, this is Simon with Paul Finn ( Griffith Uni) locating new areas of sea-grass promoted by a dive site , the bloke is everywhere, very scientific??

    PS seagrass is sponsored again by QLD Govt/EPA/Parks and Wildlife and Primary Industries..Healthy Waterways QLD ..... SEQ Catchments.. Port of Brisbane.....Tangalooma....Sea Stradbroke..... then of course the associatins Simon is head of recieving incidentally funds from the QLD Govt, ie QLD Conservation Society/ Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld

    Of great interest of the scientific method Seagrass used to monitor Seagrass, has to be said a bit more scientific than Simons but well you be the judge; see p4

    I loved the note on "other organisms" if you know what it is write it down ? and warns against rounding percentages down to the nearest 5% geez
    Tangles KFC

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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    A likely lot of scientists:

    A bunch of Seagrass Field exercise participants at Currumbin again on the dive site: they are getting their feet dirty and hope they have read their instructions... say no more

    EDIT: forgot to mention they all do a lot of walking on the sea-grass???
    Tangles KFC

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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    If anyone wants an edited version of the Nova segment, I have it now up on the SOBA website. I need to put the links on the webpage itself, but if you go to it will play.


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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    Simon Baltais

    Secretary, Queensland Conservation Council
    Simon works for two of Queensland’s leading Non Government environmental groups, he is secretary for the Queensland Conservation Council and president for the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, both organisations focus on biodiversity.

    Craig Bohm, Australian Marine Conservation Society - 0427 133 481
    Simon Baltais – Queensland Conservation Council - 0412 075 334

    The ferrets are on face book if anyone is interested in that ....



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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    I'll be there. I don't own a boat anymore thanks to thieves, but will still be part of the convoy. We must protect our rights and make our presence felt in a cordial manner. I hope to see hundreds, if not thousands of people there. If we don't turn up, no one will know about this and further closures in future will be the result. You all fish, and those of you over 18 all VOTE. So make sure you also send a message to the big wigs on George Street on march 21. It's bad enough that the current state governement has stuffed or neglected our roads, hospitals, water supply(so now your green neighbours ring the local council when you're washing down the boat), and put us into $76 BILLION dollars debt(just Qld). Now they're treating us like mugs and sh#*ting on us from above, taking away something that we all love and enjoy. Our fishing.

    P.S. BlackRat - for those of us driving cars without boats behind, should we have a rod or two on the roof racks, rod holders, or poking out the back window show we are fishermen and part of the convoy, or would it not be a good look?

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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    Lizard Man,

    Any rods should be stowed in rod holders on a bullbar or on roof racks. Avoid having them sticking out the windows. We will be driving with headlights on and have streamers available for cars not towing boats. See ya at the rally.


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    Re: Save Our Bay Rally 28th February 2009

    Hey Damo,
    Was there a list of recommended slogans around somewhere. Ive searched high and low but can no find them.

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