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Thread: Moreton Bay EPA Zones -GPS marks

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    Re: Moreton Bay EPA Zones -GPS marks

    Quote Originally Posted by honda900 View Post
    Bazzer87, Yes, the files have disappeared. let me know what file format (unit brand) you need the files in.

    Hey mate, I've got a Garmin echomap 95sv, is there a compatible file?
    If you've got one that'd work can you email?
    Cheers .

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    Re: Moreton Bay EPA Zones -GPS marks


    The link above is the original file, for a Lowrance unit. rename the file remove the .doc extension don't try and open it directly.


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    Re: Moreton Bay EPA Zones -GPS marks

    Wow! What a great job, way beyond my enthusiasm! Can I ask a dumb question Mate? I found the locally produced no fishing zones portrayed very clearly on the MSQ charts and easy to locate and stay clear off! At the risk of hurting your feelings, do we really have to plot all the coords?

    Shame NAVIONICS and C May have done nothing to CLEARLY put these zones on their electronic maps, just laziness I reckon.

    I contacted them and they said there were no plans to incorporate the zones into the digital maps!

    I really admire you tenancity and great work all the same! Five stars!

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